When will Apple release new updates for iPad mini and iPod touch?


At the beginning of the week, it was reasonable to think that Apple could hold its semi-regular spring event with the unveiling of a new 10-inch iPad and a smaller iPad mini, a new iPad, and an iPad. an updated iPod touch, possibly from the AirPods 2, and new features for iOS 12.2. . Reliable reports have since adjusted expectations, giving us a supposed event date and a focus on new subscription services to news and videos in place of any material. So, when should we expect to see all this material rumored if there is no material event?

We now expect Apple to host a service-oriented event on March 25 at Steve Jobs Theater. BuzzFeed News first revealed the time and place, as well as the focus on Apple's subscription-based information service, adding that the update for iPad mini and second-generation AirPods should not be included:

Not likely to make an appearance: AirPod new generation, or this new iPad Mini rumor.

Sources described the event as subscription-based, but declined to say anything about Apple's stand-alone video streaming service, which was also announced in 2019.

A day later, Bloomberg published an article stating that Hollywood talent was already on Apple's guest list for the March 25 event, where the company will be presenting its new video service for the first time – and not just his news service.

The tech giant based in Cupertino, California, plans to hold an event on March 25 to announce the two services, according to sources close to the project. The iPhone maker has invited Hollywood stars including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner and director JJ Abrams, said one of the people.

Bloomberg also said that although the service would be previewed in March, it might not be launched before the end of the year:

The paid service will be launched by the summer, residents said. They asked not to be identified during discussions on private plans.

Variety later added that although the event includes excerpts from Apple's original video series, its release could take place in the fall following a promotional period of content and service:

Project-informed sources predict that Apple's video service will be launched in the summer or fall, instead of April, which has been speculated in the media.

Apple is engaged with its high-caliber producer partners to organize marketing campaigns for the trade shows, in addition to the service itself. We realize that stars such as Aniston and Witherspoon do not want to take a back seat to promoting the launch of the video service itself.

While there seems to be a clear consensus on what to expect from the event – news and video services – what about Apple's unannounced material?

new Apple News service

For much of the supposed material, a simple press release is enough. This is how the latest iPod touch debuted almost four years ago. That's how Apple announced last summer a brand new generation of MacBook Pro with True Tone screens.

If the seventh generation iPod touch is simply a processor update allowing Group FaceTime video calls and faster performance, it will only be anyway that a brief mention in a key note.

The same goes for an updated iPad mini 5. According to rumors, the first update of Apple for the 7.9-inch iPad since 2015 will focus on the internal processor and not on a new design. Although long awaited, it does not require a keynote.

You can use the news service event and videos to make sure all this subscription content can be used on these new devices, but it's the iPhone, the Apple TV and other popular iPad models that will actually be used for these services. .

Most other alleged hardware updates from Apple could be the subject of a press release without a time of arrival.

iPad mini in education

Apple has not changed the iMac since the summer of 2017, and the 12-inch MacBook was last updated internally in the spring of 2017. They could both be updated with faster interns and even show improvements in a MacBook Pro style press release. actually rumored for a spring release.

If Apple delivers its optional wireless charging case for AirPods, this has already been programmed. It's just late. The same is true for AirPower. All of these products can be launched before or after the service event, the same day or different days, even if they are not expected at the next Apple event.

The second-generation AirPods, however, would be a more significant update. Features such as 'Hey Siri' assistance and other modifications could provide a decent section in a keynote address. The AirPods are just as popular two years after they hit the market as they were on their first outing, supply constraints and all.

The BuzzFeed News report did not mention the 10-inch iPad, according to rumor. Although rumors about updated hardware do not provide much detail behind the screen size, this would mark a slight increase over the current 9.7-inch screen of the iPad at $ 329. You can imagine that this could come with other visual changes.

AirPods with charging case

A mainstream iPad with a slightly wider screen seems to be more worthy of keynote acceleration for iPad mini and iPod touch, and Apple has held keynotes for its previous two iPad updates at $ 329. So a few possibilities: the 10-inch iPad debuts at the March event after all, or it's only ready later in the year at WWDC, or the screen size change was wrong and that is also a speed increase.

For the second generation AirPods, there was another indicator of what could happen before the event details were reported. OnLeaks said that although the optional wireless charging case for the AirPods may soon be available, its sources say the second generation AirPods will only be ready later in the year.

The AirPods 2 could easily be saved for the planned fall event where new iPhones and Apple Watches are introduced. A little more than a month before the next Apple event, we will probably learn a lot more by then, so stay tuned!

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