Where do we begin to fall at the US TOILETS? -VIRAL VIDEO | Tak News

Where in the USA, the TOILETS falling from the sky fell? -VIRAL VIDEO
Have you ever seen the toilets fall from the sky, you would not say it anymore, but that happened and it's an image of the same when there was a sudden storm in Colorado and watching the picnic in a park, looking at the map of portable toilets Like the leaves of the fly, those who fled under the cover of these toilets were also surprised to see this photo. See how these toilets are now falling from the sky. Region and has a catch how the possible end of & # 39; m not sure, there are people who all have their mobile phone, fortunately did not hurt any of you did this

Violent winds sent two portable toilets into Colorado Park. The video showed one of the gantries flying high on the spectators, spraying a mysterious substance. The second toilet seems to break in flight. Porta-Potties can weigh up to 300 pounds.
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