Where To Pre-Order Pokémon Sword And Shield On Nintendo Switch – Guide

Pokemon Sword And Shield

In yesterday's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced Pokémon Sword and Shield, which is headed to the Switch later this year. This will be the first new generation Pokémon series to land on the Switch – Generation 8, to be precise.

While we wait for an exact release date, you can make sure you do not miss out on securing a physical copy. Here we go …

Pre-Order Pokemon Sword and Shield in the USA

The major 4 US retailers have got their pre-order pages up. If you are a Best Buy member you can get $ 10 reward credit for pre-ordering one of the Pokemon games, which is nice.

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Pre-Order Pokemon Sword and Shield in the UK

We're still waiting for the UK and the Official Nintendo UK We're still waiting for you, so we'll be overpriced GAME if you really want to secure a copy today!

Let us know if you'll be slamming down to pre-order for Pokemon Sword or Shield (or both!) With a comment below.

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