Where to pre-order the next wave of Nintendo Amiibo



Ken, Daisy and Young Link are coming out on April 12th.

By Seth G. Macy

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The next wave of amiibo Smash is almost here and we have a full overview of their pre-order availability. If you have left the game amiibo for a while, know that the quality of the amiibo is different from that of when it was introduced, night and day. The most recent are more detailed, with better sculptures, paintings and poses.

If you were hoping to add a friendibo Piranha Plant to your collection, you're out of luck. For now, the brave plant is sold at all major online retailers. That is not to say that you should spend money to get one in the gray market right now. There is a good chance that Nintendo will publish more. Believe me. I paid … more than ask … for a Japanese ROB, last time.

Here is the next friendibo that you can preorder and where to get it:

Young Link Amiibo Preorder


Young link

This is the latest version of The Legend of Zelda's Link: Ocarina of Time. I am also confident that there are more variants of Link's amiibo than any other Nintendo character. I will do some research to be sure.

Preorder Ken Amiibo



He is just a Ryu echo fighter in Super Smash Bros., but as a warrior of the world, he just beat Ryu in the standings. Or at least he did it when Street Fighter 2 arrived at Super NES in 1992.

Pre-order Daisy Amiibo



Well, let's see who we have here: one of the most famous characters of Super Smash Bros., but in the form of amiibo. She is an echo hunter Princess Peach, and if you followed Smash, you know that Peach was the last game of the B class.

King K Rool Amiibo (Out Now)


King K Rool

He's the big hitter everyone wants to play, and his gold crown, bracelets and round belly really help King K Roll to dazzle on the battlefield. King K Rool was released on February 15th. It is today!

Amiibo (mountaineers) on ice


Ice climbers

Absolutely one of the most adorable amiibo of all the range. The original Ice Climbers game does not hold at all, but they are Smash's beloved characters now, so we can all leave the past behind.

Knight Treasure Trove Shovel, 3-Pack, Amiibo


Pack of 3 shovel knight treasure

Obviously, this is not a Smash Bros. series, but Shovel Knight was the first third friendibo, and it's a fantastic 3-pack based Treasure Trove Edition. . If you have not played Shovel Knight, I almost envy you, because you feel the first joy for the first time. The pack of 3 Shovel Knight's 3 treasures package will be released on April 9th.

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