Whitestone Dome may be the only option for a Galaxy S10 screen protector


One of the biggest changes brought by Samsung to the Galaxy S10 comes in the form of an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor located under the glass. However, this sensor could cause problems with the screen protectors designed for the Galaxy S10 and S10 +. Apparently, however, Whitestone Dome Glass screen protectors still work, and they could be the only option.

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You may remember last week, a video leak revealed the presence of a screen protector on the Galaxy S10 + containing a cutout for the fingerprint sensor. For obvious reasons, it's something most users simply will not want. However, Whitestone Dome claims that its screen protectors work with technology and that they are the only option available, at least at launch.

Covered on the company's homepage, it's clear that Whitestone Dome Glass actually works with the Galaxy S10 and S10 +. The company explains that traditional screen protectors do not work with the Galaxy S10's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor because of the air gap typical of this type of installation. Since Dome Glass uses a liquid adhesive for installation, this is apparently not a problem. This technology is patented and is not used elsewhere, so for the moment it seems like it's the only Full coverage option for Galaxy S10 owners.

These screen protectors will be available from February 20, when the Galaxy S10 will be announced. They are also ready to be pre-ordered on the Whitestone website. The price is $ 60, but you will have two dome glass protectors for this and all the necessary installation tools. Whereas other models cost around $ 50 for a single screen protector, $ 60 does not look so bad. Of course, buyers will still have to deal with the length of the installation process. Our review of Whitestone for Pixel 3 offers an overview of this.

By the way, this confirms that the Galaxy S10 will have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, as if all previous leaks had not already revealed.

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