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Who is Elizabeth Holmes?

If you like crime stories, who is not ?! – erase your schedule, as two documentaries on the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her new company, Silan Valley, Theranos, should be presented very soon.

Before watching documentaries, take a look at Holmes and his multi-billion dollar company. Learn exactly how she and her company were charged.

Who is Elizabeth Holmes?

Holmes has already been described as "the next Steve Jobs". She is now facing 20 years in prison for scam.

But we are ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to 2003 when this story started.

Elizabeth Holmes
Elizabeth Holmes | David Orrell / CNBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Holmes left Stanford University in 2003 to launch the startup company Theranos. The company said it could offer more effective and complete blood tests for all types of diseases (cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, etc.) without requiring people to go to the doctor.

With the finger prick, these full tests could be done, no need for blood flasks or doctor visits.

Holmes received $ 400 million in investments for Theranos. Eleven years later, the value of Theranos rose to $ 9 billion, making Holmes the richest woman in America and the youngest independent billionaire.

In 2016, the influence of Holmes and his billions had disappeared.

The technology has not responded to the claims

In 2014, employees started leaving Theranos. Edison technology, she said, was essential for complete testing with a finger prick, but not as complete as they thought. The company had to use traditional lab machines until it knew how to use their Edison technology as it claimed.

This led the Federal Drug Administration to revoke Theranos' right to conduct blood tests for two years after using an "undeleted medical device". A fraud investigation conducted by the Securities and Exchange Commission followed. Holmes' net worth became $ 0 when the value of Theranos fell.


In June 2018, Holmes and Theranos' former president and chief operating officer, Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, were charged with nine counts of telegraph fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit such a crime. fraud by the North American District Attorney (California).

Ramesh Balwani and lawyer
Ramesh Balwani | Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The two could face 20 years in prison and considerable fines if convicted.

Documentary 'Dropout'

Rebecca Jarvis, business, technology and economy correspondent for ABC News, and the producers spent three years investigating Holmes and Theranos, according to ABC News. The documentary entitled To abandon, will be featured in a two-hour episode of 20/20.

In the documentary, viewers have the chance to see Holmes testify on unpublished tapes, in which she declares "I do not know" more than 600 times. There are also six podcast episodes to accompany the documentary.

HBO documentary

HBO also offers a documentary about Holmes and his company titled The inventor: looking for blood in Silicon Valley. The premiere of the documentary is scheduled for Monday, March 18, 2019 at 9 pm. on HBO Go and HBO now. Alex Gibney, winner of an Academy Award, directs the documentary.

Other cover

In addition to the 20/20 documentaries and HBO, a book about a billionaire Holmes' fall to a possible detainee called Bad Blood: secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley start-up, by John Carreyrou.

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