Who is the Duke of Provence Oliver Maier, the future husband of Danielle Staub?


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Danielle Staub from Real housewives from New Jersey 's recently married to Marty Caffrey and this marriage has quickly deteriorated. They have finalized their divorce and Staub is ready to be linked again to the Duke of Provence Oliver Maier. Who is he and how did they meet? Here is everything you need to know.

The two get married on March 4th

Danielle Staub and the Duke of Provence Oliver Maier would marry on March 4, ten days after the end of his divorce with Marty Caffrey. This will be his 21st commitment.

They got engaged to the Cheval Blanc House in St. Barts. The two men would leave to buy engagement rings before the ceremony. On Monday, they will get married before the justice of the peace and Teresa Giudice will be a witness.

Maier works as Managing Director of Speyside Equity

The German and French businessman occupies the position of managing director of Speyside Equity, according to People. It is a private equity firm in New York.

The website describes the company as "an operationally intensive approach to investing in manufacturing activities in specialty chemicals, food / ingredients and metal forming".

He is also featured on Bloomberg with "Mr. Maier is responsible for research, execution, management and exit of investments. He joined Speyside Equity as a partner and also served as General Manager of United Initiators from 2010 to 2011. "It is also noted that he is a lawyer.

His family has 15 vineyards and two castles

The duke has revealed that his family owns 15 vineyards and two castles in the south of France at People. He made sure to note that Staub did not know he was a duke until recently.

Their marriage will make reality TV a duchess. So, how did the two paths cross?

He was dating their mutual friend

Staub and Maier met a mutual friend he was dating in October. They say that things only became romantic later.

"Frankly, I could not stand it when I met it for the first time," Staub told People. "He is so willing and at first I read it as rude, arrogant and titled. Only when I knew him did I see the other side. "

Maier said that he was determined to pursue Staub. "People do not like taking risks, but I took a risk," he said. "Danielle is one of the smartest people I've met. People have preconceived ideas about her reality TV, but she's a smart woman. And I was instantly attracted to that. "

The royal also said on page six that he had not left his ex for the reality TV star. "I ended my relationship with Gina because it did not work," he said. "My current relationship with Danielle had nothing to do with this decision. I have no interest in a current or future relationship with Gina. "

He then accused his ex not to leave him alone. "Since the end of our relationship, she has been harassing me, my family and myself, while trying to take advantage of this situation to seize the opportunity and promote her shop. She must put an end to this childlike behavior, behave like an adult and move forward in life. "

The royal was previously married and has a 12 year old child with his ex-wife. It looks like Real housewives from New Jersey the fans are for another wedding on the show.

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