Who practices, who is not against the Atlanta Falcons

Joe Flacco's Ravens quarterback "is progressing very well," according to head coach John Harbaugh, although Flacco did not attend Wednesday's practice during the open game.

He has not played or played since his right hip injury on November 4 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Flacco visited the doctor on Monday, but Harbaugh did not detail Flacco's steps before resuming the practice. The NFL network reported Tuesday that Flacco had not been allowed by a doctor to resume the exercise.

"There is a process involved. This has to do with doctors, coaches and his rehab, "said Harbaugh. "He is doing very well. They will take another step today, tomorrow and the next day and we will see where we are. "

Rookie Lamar Jackson started the last two games in the quarter, two victories for the Ravens. Harbaugh is in no hurry to announce his starting quarterback for Sunday's game in Atlanta, but if Flacco does not return to training this week, it will likely be Jackson again. Last week, Harbaugh said that Flacco should train after such a long period of absence.

James Hurst returns to practice

Offensive lineman James Hurst resumed training Wednesday for the first time since Oct. 20, which at the very least reinforces a unit that plays well.

Hurst has had a back injury in the last five games after starting the first six games at the right tackle. Orlando Brown Jr. has played well since coming into play as a straight forward.

If Hurst is healthy enough to play Sunday, he could play several roles, either as starter or left guardian, or as a valuable reinforcement for both positions.

We will update this story after Wednesday's injury report.

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