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Who was voted out tonight and who won HoH? – Big Brother Network

Julie Chen on Big Brother 21

This is the non-expulsion vote night on Big Brother! It's so weird, but this is the second time of the season that this will happen as this week the third guest in the House will be at Camp Comeback, leaving only one more place next week. before the expected return of Battle Back. So, who voted tonight on Big Brother 21? Let's find out!

But first of all, Kemi and Jessica have some back-and-forth campaigns, and one of them is determined to stay and the other seems to just want to insist on not feeling the need. One of these two ladies will be the next to join Ovi and David on the floor.

Do not miss this week's expulsion episode! You can watch it live on CBS All Access in most US markets so you do not miss out on the fun, even if you go out tonight.

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Big Brother 21 Results – Week 2 Votes:

  • Cliff vote to expel: Kemi
  • Kat expulsion vote: Kemi
  • Nicole votes to expel: Kemi
  • Bella votes to expel: Kemi
  • Nick votes to expel: Kemi
  • Sam eviction vote: Kemi
  • It's enough votes.
  • Analyze the expulsion votes: Kemi
  • Jackson votes to expel: Jessica
  • Holly votes to expel: Kemi
  • Christie votes to expel: Kemi
  • Tommy votes to expel: Kemi

By a vote of 10 to 1, Kemi Faknule was expelled from Big Brother. She leaves for the Comeback camp.

Once expulsion is complete, the HGs will head to the backyard to prepare for the next big event of the night. Who is ready to win and become the new head of household?

Big Brother 21 Results – Week 3 HoH Comp:

  • Analysis: 50
  • Jessica: 5
  • Christie: 65
  • Nick: 90
  • Sam: 70
  • Jackson: 70
  • Tommy: 35
  • Cliff: 15
  • Bella: 75
  • Kat: missed
  • Nicole: 15
  • Holly: missed

Congratulations to Nick, the new head of household.

After the show, we'll be back to Live Feeds for the effects of the evictions and upcoming planning rounds for this week's target. Take the free trial and join us now!

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