Who will live and who will die from "Game of Thrones"? A group of German students has created an algorithm to try to predict it

Like the first season of the first Game of thrones Approaching April 14, a group of German students created an algorithm to try to predict who will live and who will die in the hit series of HBO.

Students study at the Technical University of Munich and used two different algorithms to find the formula that underlies their predictions. according to Mashable, the models were created on the basis of survival rate algorithms used in the medical field. The students also combined information from the television program and the series of books written by George R.R. Martin to determine the probability of death (PLOD).

"The Chant of ice and fire series is known to have killed many characters, including the most important ones. While only a small number of characters die of old age, the majority ends violently. Does death come at random or does it only concern selected people with similar characteristics? The characteristics can be certain age, heritage and sex. It can also be the fascinating ability of characters likely to die to make similar, mostly false, decisive decisions in their lives, "reads the website created by the students.

The algorithm also takes into account factors such as popularity, home, gender, age, alliances and the number of family members in the calculation of the PLOD of a character.

This is not the first time that students of technical education at the Technical University of Munich embark on such a project. According to Phys.com, a group of students in 2016 used a similar technique to predict the resurrection of Jon Snow.

"While the task of predicting the survival chances of Game of Thrones characters is based on data from the fantasy world, the same artificial intelligence techniques are used in the real world and have a powerful impact on our daily lives. "said Dr. Guy. Yachdav, the main mentor of the class, told Phys.com.

According to the group's website, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister have every chance of surviving the last season. Daenerys has less than 1% chance of dying, while Tyrion follows with 2.5%. Varys (3.2%), Samwell Tarly (3.3%) and Jaime Lannister (4%) complete the group.

In contrast, Bronn and Gregor Clegane are the most likely victims of the season eight standings with 93.5% and 80.3%. Sansa Stark (73.3%), Bran Stark (57.8%) and Sandor Clegane (47.5%) rank among the top five.

Professor Burkhard Rost, president of the TUM School of Computer Science, congratulated the student's work and told Phys.com: "The combination of passion and teaching is a Great way to create important new tools Our TUM training has a fun way to teach students how to use this technology and prepare them to build the next big business once they graduate. "

As for who lives or dies Game of thrones, fans will have to log in to see. Season eight starts on April 14 at 8pm. on HBO for a series of six episodes.

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