Who will win? Game of Thrones? Spoilers and forecasts 2019

The favorite of the fans. L & # 39; child. M. night watch. Mister everyone thought I was a bastard but that I'm actually a Targaryen, Jon Snow is definitely Martin's baby in the series, and it looks like everything is gearing up to have him like king of the whole kingdom. He is a bit related to Daenerys Targaryen, who is totally attached to him and who has an army and dragons. He is extremely loyal, has come back from the dead and has emerged from more difficult situations than MacGyver. Then there is the fact that he is an heir to the "legitimate" rulers of the kingdom, the Targaryen.

However, some fan theories think that, as a spiritual son of Ned Stark, Jon is going to get dirty, just like his adoptive father. Hoping that does not happen. I do not think my heart can stand it.

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