Why are the comments of Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams today so important?

Kenny, a third-base superstar player who is easily a top 10 baseball player has got exactly the contract he's been asking for since the beginning. What an innovative concept.

Looks like Kenny wanted his press conference to go until the twilight of Arizona, via Spokesman Bob. Realistic acquisition options for a third baseman in their mid thirties, White Sox.

Oh yes, because outs-outs are not at all important in the quest to sign free superstar agents.

You're right Brett, the Padres and the White Sox sat for Thanksgiving, the Padres wanted to risk him by choosing some dark meat and a lot of cranberries, and ended up with the most satisfying meal. Meanwhile, the three stooges, Ricky, Kenny and Jerbear, got a nice slice of white meat with mashed potatoes and no juices – nice, conservative and, of course, tasteless.

Comments from White Sox officials should scare fans. Kenny Williams, the repository of the lights he was supposed to abandon years ago, said the Sox did not want to reach the magic threshold of $ 300 million for guaranteed money. Instead, they wanted to create a superstar, offer stupid acquisition options that probably had no way of converting, and did not offer unsubscription. Oh, but they were super creative, is not it, Rick? Well, how creative can the team be when the organization does not even believe in opt-outs?

The reason fans should be scared is that these limitations imposed by Jerry Reinsdorf on Rick and Kenny will never attract the big free agents of superstars. Bryce Harper will probably get more money guaranteed than Machado. Welp, the White Sox are already on him. However, Rick said the money that Machado refused will be spent elsewhere – but is it worth it? Well, let's look at the free agent harvest next year.

At present, the best free players after the 2019 season are, in no particular order, those of Paul Goldschmidt, Gennett Scooter, Nolan Arenado, Martinez J.D., Anthony Rendon, Chris Sale, Xander Bogaerts and Gerrit Cole.

With financial restrictions ($ 300 million), the White Sox are on Arenado and probably on Anthony Rendon (probably the most underrated baseball player). With the silly philosophy of not using override clauses in contracts, the Sox are excluded from all others, except perhaps Gennett Scooter.

However, it is probably even worse. Does anyone here expect any of the other free agents of 2019 like Gennett, Marcell Ozuna, Yasiel Puig, Khris Davis, Madison Bumgarner, Justin Verlander, Josh Donaldson (s & # s)? 39 he returns as the best hitter in the Top 15 that he was) accept contracts without waiver. And if Stephen Strasburg withdraws, will he accept an agreement that does not include opt-outs? Doubtful, especially with an impending strike.

So, who are the White Sox left in free agency next year, now that we know with what financial restrictions they work? Well, not much, really.

Didi Gregorius, Aaron Hicks, Nicholas Castellanos, Adam Eaton and Zack Wheeler will be available and could match the financial parameters of the White Sox. Gregorius and Hicks have just finished their career, but have blossomed late.

As you can see in the video chart of the home race above, Gregorius loves this fence close to the right field of Yankee Stadium, just like Aaron Hicks. Castellanos will start his 28-year season in 2020 and has been a good hitter as a Detroit tiger. His potential gap has earned him a lot of double at Comerica, and some of them should turn into circuits with the Sox. However, how many defensive liabilities can the Sox bear in the outer field? We all know Adam Eaton and, for my part, I do not want the return of Drake LaRoche's main disciple. Meanwhile, Zack Wheeler has just finished a healthy season, but he can not be trusted to stay healthy, with only one season to his credit with 30 or more starts and a 7.9 lead over 7 seasons.

OK, 2019 is a bust. Well, what about 2020?

Using the same financial parameters, the White Sox will be on JT Realmuto, Matt Carpenter, Justin Turner, Andrelton Simmons, Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, George Springer, Giancarlo Stanton (if he decides not to play), Jacob deGrom, Robbie Ray and James Paxton. Treinen and Sean Doolittle.

So who do the Sox envision in 2020? Mike Zunino, although the best price for a receiver probably does not happen if the Sox believe that Zack Collins and Seby Zavala are the solution. Starlin Castro? Dear Lord, no. Jason Kipnis, Zack Cozart, Yoenis Cespedes, Michael Brantley, Jake Arrieta and Marcus Stroman? These actors were better known than production in 2018, let alone in 2020.

Realistic options include Joc Pederson, whom the White Sox could simply trade for the moment. Jackie Bradley Jr. is a fantastic center player, but has not found a good one since his 2015-2016 seasons. Trevor Bauer said he would sign only one-year contracts, which does not correspond to Mr Sox's wishes. anything. Maybe they will bring back Jose Quintana, or Kyle Hendrick, in regression, which will launch the middle of the Eighties at that time? Yuli Gurriel or Jake Lamb do they tickle someone?

Unfortunately, each player mentioned above is better than every member of the 2018 White Sox lineup, even if you add one or two more seasons for some players. The fact that Reinsdorf will not open his checkbook for Machado means that most of the players above have no chance of going to the south side. The extra fact that opt-outs are not part of the White Sox's retrograde contractual philosophy is a joke and probably leads to future free agents totally unaware of the White Sox offers.

If we take the words of Hahn and Williams to the letter, the prospects will be better. Not only for the good of the organization, but for all the fans who have seen Chris Sale win the World Series with his patented slider.

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