Why be labeled "alcoholic" is the victim blame: what causes alcoholism is alcohol

I am sober, but I am not an alcoholic – and my addiction is not the real problem.

I've finally stopped using ethanol, a carcinogen and addictive drug known as street, alcohol, three months ago.

I do not count the days anymore. Not really. Because it would be the same as counting the days of the rest of my life.

But I know that three months have passed and I'm ready to start talking about it.

I do not expect congratulations, at least not those who still drink regularly. When I drank, I would not have congratulated you either.

I'm expecting something more like crickets. The crickets, plus a disturbing silence. Clumsy silence followed by embarrassing questions.

Questions like: Why in the world would you do that? Surely you are not one of them? No, you know, an alcoholic?

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