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Why did Varys take his ring?

  • A new theory speculates that there is a very specific reason Varys took his ring on Sunday Game of thrones.
  • For your information, the spoilers are ahead. If you have not watched the episode, save yourself!

    So much happened during the Sunday episode Game of thrones that my brain really has trouble treating everything. But now that the dust (um, ashes) has settled down, I have some questions. In fact, just one question: why did Varys remove his ring and hide it just before it was executed?



    Of course, maybe our man, Varys, did not want to wear a pinkie ring (only a step away from a foot ring) in his last moments of his life. But buzzfeed came up with a really excellent theory about why Varys abandoned his jewelry, and it is directly related to an earlier theory that he was attempting to poison Daenerys.



    You can read about the ins and outs of this the theory on this way, but assuming Varys * is trying to poison Dany, his ring could be like that. It sounds weird, but Game of thrones has long used jewelry as a poison. In fact, Olenna used a poisoned stone from Sansa's collar to kill Joffrey. Here is a delicious gif!



    If Varys used his ring to poison Dany, it was perfectly clear that the ring was still lying in the room, ready for use. Game of thrones & # 39; Last episode. Which raises the question: will anyone use this ring to kill Dany next week?

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