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Why does Kate Middleton want to dress more? Edgy & # 39; and & Modern & # 39;

From crinkled blouses to impeccable coat dresses, Kate Middleton is known for her super chic style. But lately, she began experimenting with bolder and more modern clothes – like July 6, when she was dazzled by bright colors when baby Archie Harrison baptized.

A new report indicates that change is also intentional. According to People, the Duchess of Cambridge felt that she needed a makeover a few months ago and decided to change her style.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Picture of Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

Why she wants to dress more nervous

It's simple: the duchess would like to follow the trends of fashion. "Kate felt like she was in a kind of rut and thought that she needed a small advantage," an insider told the publication. "She consciously worked so that her appearance was a little younger and more modern, and it worked!"

The insider continued: "She looks amazing and she gets a lot of compliments about it."

Middleton would have used her longtime assistant and stylist, Natasha Archer, to help her modernize.

Discover the new style of the duchess

If you've been paying attention during the summer, you probably know all the new Middleton looks. As Harper's Bazaar points out, she wears more "handbags, velvet hair bows, and quilted headbands." She also experimented with more detailed clothing, such as puffed or polka dot dresses.

Middleton hit the headlines on July 6 at the baptism of baby Archie, wearing a Stella McCartney pink dress. People note that she had already worn the dress at the 2018 Christmas Luncheon at Buckingham Palace. However, she brightened up the look by adding shiny accessories, including a red headband with matching shoes.

She also wore a pair of dangling earrings belonging to the late Princess Diana. But she has received criticism of this decision. Some fans thought she should have given the jewelry to Meghan Markle for the big day of baby Archie.

A few days earlier, she had gone to Wimbledon, dressed in a white dress with big buttons. His accessories? Adorable Alexander McQueen belt and chic sunglasses. But she did not let go of her staple completely. As usual, she was wearing a beautiful pipe.

Where she gets fashion advice

So Archer is not the only one helping the duchess with her eyes. According to AOL, Queen Elizabeth II also gives Middleton fashion advice, now that she is ready to become queen.

To make sure of her appearance, "the queen regularly gives notes if she does not like some hem or some Kate outfit, or some [color] tights."

His style has come a long way

Before Middleton married Prince William, she wore much too casual clothes for members of the royal family. Her wardrobe included a denim miniskirt with a leather jacket and knee-length leather boots, as well as a lace tank top with low-rise jeans that showed her belly.

It looks like these days are behind Middleton, but it's said that fashion is repeating itself, so you never really know.

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