Why George Eads is supposedly leaving the show

MacGyver Lucas Till and George Eads in MacGyver | CBS

the MacGyver reboot has managed to enter season 3, but he is about to be upset. Lucas Till who plays Angus MacGyver loses his supporting role, George Eads, who plays Jack Dalton. The start is after that there would have been a drama on the set. Find out why Eads left the show.

George Eads would be gone MacGyver after having an altercation, he walked

Things did not seem to be smooth MacGyver. The Hollywood Reporter reported that George Eads had an altercation in October and then stormed despite additional work. Eads would be back to filming his latest episodes.

The actor has been released from his contract and his latest episodes will air in 2019. According to a source, Eads has announced its intention to leave the showrunner Peter Lenkov. So, why is he leaving? Well, there have been many reasons.

Eads would have liked to leave to get closer to his daughter

George Eads as Jack Dalton in MacGyver George Eads as Jack Dalton in MacGyver | CBS

The place to film the full of action MacGyver would have been a problem for George Eads too. In the same report, a source claimed that the Atlanta-based show was too much for Eads and he wanted to be closer to his daughter who is in Los Angeles.

Eads has been very open about fighting this aspect of work and relying on his co-stars to carry it out. "There have been times when I miss my daughter so much that I'm in an emotional state," Eads told CBS "and Lucas [Till] will delay production until we can talk about it and maybe even express it in the trailer. I confide in him as a close friend and I think he did the same for me. "

He would have been unhappy with the way Jack Dalton was writing

But the location is not the only problem cited for this departure. George Eads was apparently not pleased with the way Jack Dalton was written. The Hollywood Reporter claimed to have often run into trouble with a co-author about the direction of his character. This would have resulted in being summoned to a meeting with host Carol Mendelsohn where he had resigned.

Eads had previously explained how much he was invested in his character's journey. "But I've watched, studied and seen how I can evolve Jack," Eads told CBS. "I bring as much of my personal experience to the role with my own successful father that I advise Mac about his father. I have a three year old girl who changes you as a man. "

This is not the first time that the actor leaves dramatically a show. George Eads has already left CSI: Investigation of the crime scene after 15 seasons. According to Cinema Blend, he would have had a fight with a screenwriter on the set. He stayed after this incident before officially leaving. There has not yet been a statement on the MacGyver Departure.

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