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Why Kelly Clarkson and John Legend joined the show

Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Legend John, Adam Levine
Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Adam Levine | Trave Patton / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The voice was great to find coaches who continue to create successful music. However, you may be wondering what they can do to help unknown artists win reality TV instead of working on their own art? Kelly Clarkson and John Legend revealed why they joined the show.

John Legend joined The voice in season 16 replacing Jennifer Hudson

It has already been announced that John Legend will join the series as a coach and that Jennifer Hudson will not return for season 16. Legend is not quite new since he was previously a battle advisor for Adam Levine .

"I'm excited to join the coaches of The voice,Legend said in a statement by the Hollywood Reporter, "I've been invited and mentored several times in the series and I'm really excited to discover talented singers and help them make the most of their gift." Hope the world is ready for #TeamJL. "

He now faces Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, but also Kelly Clarkson. All have several wins in the series, but Legend is the only winner of EGOT between them.

So why did Legend decide to stop and work on his own music? The voice? There is a very good reason behind his choice.

The legend says that he joined to be close to his children

Performers often have to tour to make money, so if they have a concert where they do not have to travel and pay, they will probably take it. Legend has spoken about it in an interview.

"It's fun and it's a chance to be at home," Legend told People. "You work in Los Angeles, at home, and I see my children all the time. It's pretty cool.

He also said that having to go to work was not bad. "It's nice to be near my home. [It’s a] I make the trip quickly and I am there when they go to bed most nights. Clarkson also talked about this coaching advantage.

Clarkson said that she did not know when American idol return

The voice the whole seems to be a very family-friendly ensemble. "My kids love coming here not to see me, but to see the children of Carson or Gwen as they go to school together," Clarkson told People. "I'd love to think they're coming to see me, but they do not!"

When it was announced that Clarkson was joining the series in season 14, it was shocking since she had become famous. American idol. She explained to Ellen DeGeneres why she did not become a judge instead.

"Here's the thing, let's keep it real. i thought[[[[Idol]was ending, "said Clarkson. She said that the last time she had visited the show before it was canceled, there was already talk of reviving it. However, the singer did not know when it would be.

When it was announced American idol officially returns "I had already had discussions with The voice"Clarkson said.

In the end, Clarkson and Legend enjoy being in the same place to film The voice to be with their children. Clarkson did not know when American idol was coming back then she took the chance to be on The voice.

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