Why Kirby Smart does not "lose control of the Georgian program"

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Comparison of the discipline of Georgia football players under Mark Richt and Kirby Smart

After the news of the arrest of Tyler Simmons and Tyrique Stevenson following a so-called bar fight this weekend, people talk a lot about Georgian football and the direction of the program. And not in a good way.

It was the fourth arrest of the off season, Latavious Brinni was arrested earlier in March and Jaden Hunter was arrested last Wednesday. The four arrests are offenses.

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The arrests have allowed critics to point out that Georgian football seems to have a problem with these kinds of things every off season.

Of course, we have a way of knowing how often that happens with Georgia and all the other university football teams, thanks to the Fulmer Cup.

The Fulmer Cup, named in honor of former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer, was created in 2006 by the wonderful spirit of Spencer Hall at EDSBS. The ranking is maintained by r / CFB on Reddit. A better explanation on what the Fulmer Cup is below:

The Fulmer Cup is a parody reward that recounts the criminal exploits of various college football programs during the off-season and declares itself a "winner". It is open to all Division 1 football programs (FBS & FCS) and points are awarded according to the level of crime (more details here). The Fulmer Cup season begins the minute the national title game ends and ends the day before the first day of the season.

Although initially a joke reward and a task to be followed during the off-season, it has in fact become a useful tool for assessing the frequency with which players or a school have had problems over the years.

The update of the 2019 ranking has not been published yet, but since the Bulldogs have already had four different arrests, you can imagine that they will rank in the top 10 when the first ranking is published.

Of course, one of the things missing in the Georgian football discussions and the arrests of his players is the claim that Smart has lost control of the program. For those who do not get the reference, the joke or the same "Mark Richt lost control of the program" was needed every time the Bulldogs encountered problems off the field under Richt's mandate.

Looking back on the Fulmer Cup standings of the past, Smart and Georgia have a long way to go to catch up with the Richt years. It should be noted that the total score only exists for the years in which Georgia figured in the top 10, which turned out a lot under Richt.

Fulmer Cup classification under Kirby Smart

2016: Equality to the second, 30 points

Fulmer Cup classification for Georgia under Richt:

2014: seventh 20 points

2012: seventh, 14 points

2010: First, 21 points

2009: ninth, 10 points

2008: seventh, 15 points

2007: ninth tied, 11 points

* The Fulmer Cup was not awarded in 2013.

The meme "Richt lost control of the program" was born because Georgia continued to be in the top 10 of the Fulmer Cup standings. Indeed, every year, from 2007 to 2010, she was ranked first in the Fulmer Cup standings. These arrests do not take into account issues related to the NCAA, such as the suspension of AJ Green in 2010 and that of Todd Gurley in 2014, which Georgia had in Richt's mandate.

It is also fair to note that, although Richt had a series of reasons related to the arrests of several players, he never had a season as bad as that of Smart in 2016, which included arrests for an incident involving a BB gun and driving in the mood of Jonathan Ledbetter.

But Georgia has not been in the top 10 in the last two seasons under Smart. It's probably not a coincidence that the arrests have not been as frequent since 2016, Smart's first year as a full-time head coach. Georgia was not in the top 10 of the Fulmer Cup standings in 2017 or 2018.

But another big reason why Richt was criticized for all of this is the same reason Georgia separated from Richt: He did not win enough.

Just or not, the gain reigns over everything. Smart and Georgia will have no problem with player discipline in the eyes of the public as long as it continues to win the SEC championships. On December 9, no one will wake up to learn about the discipline record of Georgian players under Smart if the Bulldogs have another SEC title and a spot for the college football playoffs.

Smart will meet the media on Tuesday. He will surely answer questions about the leadership of the program. But as long as the arrests do not continue and the Bulldogs win, the news resulting from the arrests will be canceled.

Tate Ratledge makes a hilarious comparison with the iconic character of Office

Tate Ratledge is a major target for recruitment in Georgia. The 4-star offensive lineman from Rome, Georgia, explained why this was so Sunday, while he was named the Atlanta Platinum Group's most useful offensive line player for The Opening.

While he was at The Opening Regional in Atlanta on Sunday, Ratledge wore a purple bandana while dominating his opponents. Of course, one of his Darlington School high school teammates took the time to point out the similarity between Ratledge and an iconic "Bureau" character wearing a purple bandana.

I'm referring to Michael Scott as Mike's prison, a character from an episode of the Office series. If you have never seen the entire clip, go watch it.

For most of the day on Sunday, facing Ratledge was about as much fun as confronting a dementor. The 6-foot-7 offensive tackle has dominated some of the region's top defensive linemen. Ratledge faced five-star defender Myles Murphy and the match was up.

As to where Ratledge's recruitment is, he spoke with Jeff Sentell of DawgNation about how Georgia is recruiting him.

As usual, Georgia's offensive line coach Sam Pittman is one of the main reasons the Bulldogs are in good standing with the country's No. 5 offensive tackle.

"Coach Pittman is probably the coach with whom I was closest at the time of my recruitment," Ratledge said. "I love Athens, I feel that I would be happy if I did not play football, as if I could live there and coach Pittman."

On Sunday, Ratledge also highly appreciated the relationship he has established with Georgia head coach Kirby Smart. Ratledge went to Georgia on Saturday and had a good time with Smart.

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