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Why Men In Black International, Tessa Thompson, Did not Say Will Smith's Legendary Men In Black Line

Pursue the legacy of a series like Men in black often ready for moments that playfully wink and boost the story of the series. In Men in black internationalTessa Thompson's Agent M takes advantage of one of those special moments when she takes a noisy cricket during her orientation and rejects it outright.

However, there was a moment when Tessa Thompson, a self-admitted fan of original films, was approached to piece together that she absolutely did not want to make her own turn. And it was Will Smith's famous post-transformation moment, where he uttered the now iconic phrase: "I look good on this picture." In a recent interview, Tessa Thompson explained why she chose to reject this specific reference:

Comparing Agent M to Agent J Smith, the differences are pretty day and night. Even though J's cold and intelligent temperament was sure of him, that's what pushed Will Smith's character to Men in blackAgent M Tessa Thompson is rather an analytical personality with a particular taste. Agent J would feel perfectly at home complimenting his wardrobe choice, but the only time Agent M made a comment on black suits was when she complimented Emma Thompson's O Agent on hers.

But move on to how Men in black international If this replica has perhaps played in the film, it does not correspond to the custom humor style of this film, as evidenced by the discussion of Tessa Thompson with The Hollywood Reporter. If anyone wanted to make that reference, it would probably be H Agent H Hs, because it is the most futile personality of both. But even then, it was weird to hit the house first Men in black The presence of the film in this new film has already been honored with great respect.

Between Nicky Cricket and an oil painting depicting agents J and K defying Edgar in the 1997 New York adventure, it's all you need to anchor Men in black international in this same universe. It's just enough to connect the series' historical threads, but also enough for Tessa Thompson to help create a new story with her character's exploits.

Knowing how to honor the past, while moving forward on a new territory, is something that every legionnaire must keep in mind when trying to try what Men in black international, and any other film of its kind, have tried to do it. And if the creative forces behind these projects forgot about this approach, let's hope that actors like Tessa Thompson will continue to speak up for the integrity of the franchise.

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