Why Stephen A. Smith believes Jayson Tatum is the Celtics X-Factor in the playoffs | Boston Celtics

For the Celtics to reach the 2019 finals of the NBA, this will require a full team effort, but Boston will have higher expectations for some players than for others.

Kyrie Irving, of course, is the straw that causes the drink. The star goalie is one of two Celtics with championship experience, and he is a confirmed playoff artist. And considering what we know what to expect from Irving at this point, Stephen A. Smith thinks that the Factor X in the playoffs in Boston has to be other than the All-Star six times.

In the eyes of the co-host of "First Take", Jayson Tatum could well make the difference while the C try to return to the final for the first time since 2010.

You must generally meet the expectations of young players slightly, but an exception can be made for Tatum. The 20-year-old rookie season featured an impressive collective playoff performance that allowed Tatum to average 18.5 points per team in 19 post-season games. While Irving will continue to be the Celtics scorer when it matters the most, there is no reason to believe that Tatum will not be able to settle for the playoff game.

But fortunately for the C's, they will not need to put all their eggs in the Irving and Tatum baskets. The busy Boston lineup has caused some champagne problems so far, but that may be what puts it above the battle for Eastern Conference supremacy.

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