Why the Warriors are smart to keep Steph Curry against Raptors

As for Stephen Curry's return, the Warriors are going exactly as they should.

They ignore Curry's wishes and listen to the experts.

Thus, the most useful double player will play a spectator role Thursday in Toronto and will return to the ground on Saturday, when the Warriors will face the Pistons at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

Even if it turns off much of the Warriors-Raptors flame on Thursday, it makes perfect sense. The Warriors know better than any NBA team today that a game in November, no matter how accurate the match, does not score a blip on the only ladder that counts, the one that measure the magnitude and consequences of the post-season.

"He looked awesome in recent days, he was skimmaging, he shot the ball, his move," Warriors coach Steve Kerr told Toronto's Scotiabank Arena. "For me, he seems to be ready to leave. This is the good news.

"If it was a playoff game, he would play absolutely. But we are in November. "

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Curry, who has been absent since November 8 and is suffering from headaches, is eager to play. He participated in a scrum on Monday, trained on Tuesday in Oakland, and again did light exercises on Wednesday when he arrived in Toronto.

Curry's deep desire to play Thursday is due to several reasons. It was in Toronto, where he spent part of his childhood when his father, Dell, was a member of the Raptors. That the Raptors sit at the top of the Eastern Conference and possess the best record (18-4) in the NBA is alluring. Plus, he feels ready.

But Rick Celebrini, director of sports medicine and team performance, lifts the torch.

"We obviously have a lot of smart people looking after us and trying to make sure that we are protected from ourselves in certain situations," Curry said. "It's been about three weeks, so I'm looking forward to coming back."

Curry says it's "symptom-free," as the excitement he's felt these past few days – certainly Wednesday when the crew took a flight to Toronto – is contributing to his disappointment with another match.

"You feel like you know how your body feels and you wake up and get excited thinking you may be a little bit further than you," he said. "When you're so close to goal, every game you have to wait is hard."

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Nine times out of 10, the athlete is the last person to determine when it is time to resume. Almost always, they want to play before being. That's absolutely true in the case of Curry, who is nothing other than the basketball junkie.

The warriors make fun of what he thinks. Maybe when he becomes a doctor, they will listen

"We will never look back and leave, man, I would have liked to have faced him in Toronto," Warrior coach Steve Kerr told reporters in Toronto. "But the opposite would certainly be true. We could look back and say, "What were we thinking of? Why did not we give him a few more days? & # 39;

"So, prudence is the word of the day."

Thursday's game is one of 82, as is Saturday's game. There are no bonus points awarded depending on the status of the teams. Not until the second season.

So, Detroit is, as it should be.

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