Why warriors should be happy The Raptors beat Bucks in the third game of the Eastern Final


Draymond Green went viral for all the right reasons Saturday night.

The attacker of all the warriors was all over the 110-99 victory of Golden State's third game on the Trail Blazers. He scored 20 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists and four interceptions.

His leadership, however, stole the show. After the victory, Green turned to the Warriors Video Coordinator to put him in the right frame of mind.

"James Laughlin, our video coordinator, came to see me just before the show started, and he said," Hey, "he said. You have helped me a lot to grow since I was here. "We are going to need our bench a lot and it is important to stay with them and continue to give them confidence," said Green.

When the Warriors' backup center, Jordan Bell, missed a wide open dunk, Green was there to pick up his teammate.

"He missed a shot tonight – he did it – I did it – he did it too – it's good. Keep things moving, " Green was heard saying on the ESPN broadcast. "It's good.You missed a shot.We've all done it.Nobody is perfect."

Bell followed the encouragement with a huge dunk two minutes later.

"For a second, I caught myself, like, man, we could have reduced it to six, and then we stained them, just like that, he just happened to stay with him. [Bell] and give him a little confidence, and of course, he had a dunk the next piece and he had a block, "said Green.

"So, I think it was an important moment, and that is – you know, we are always talking about the strength of the number.This comes from a video coordinator." Usually, do not get that from a video coordinator, but that has paid off tonight. "

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Warriors get the best version of Green in every way possible right now. This is not Steph Curry. This is not Kevin Durant. This is not Klay Thompson. But he is the catalyst that gets the train off the ground and will clearly be one of the biggest keys to tripling the Warriors.

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