Will Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson get married soon?

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are one of the cutest couples in the world. They have been together since October 2017 and seem completely in love with each other. While the main singer of Coldplay and the 50 shades of Gray actress are a bit of a private couple, they are still widely recognized by fans around the world. After being set up by mutual friends, the couple fell in love quickly and both felt they had met their partner. So much so that we wonder if Martin is ready to kneel and ask the most important question!

Who have they been associated with before?

Martin was married to Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he had two children: Apple and Moses. The former co-parents of their children and the British singer could not be more proud of his children. After his separation from Paltrow, Chris was linked to women such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Bosworth and Natalie Imbruglia. Obviously, none of these relationships lasted and the British singer fell into the act with Johnson.

Johnson would have dated between Benedict Cumberbatch, Matthew Hitt and Jordan Masterson, among others.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are the real deal?

Fans can bet that they certainly are. It is said that Martin and Johnson could not be happier one with the other and could not be more in love. They do not display their relationship, even keeping it hidden from the world for a long time. They just like to be together in private and do not feel the need to share details with anyone. It's wonderful to see a couple of celebrities who choose to follow their own path without having to worry about being in the spotlight!

Why is the couple so private?

Martin was private in most of his relationships, rarely accepting opportunities to take pictures even when he was married. He said that although he is a celebrity, he does not feel the need to live his life in front of the cameras, and apparently, Johnson agrees! They like to be alone, do things discreetly and lead a rather calm life. We can certainly understand that.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are engaged?

Not yet! The fact that Martin and Johnson are so happy together leaves many fans wondering why she is not yet wearing an impressive and glittering ring on her finger. In the end, Martin simply respected his ex-wife, Gwyneth, who had married Brad Falchuk in September 2018. He did not want to overshadow his exciting day or make things too painful for his children.

Will Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson get married soon?

All signs suggest that they may be one of the next couples to announce their engagement. Some people even think that they might already be secretly involved and, given their private nature, we would not be surprised if they actually remain secret at the moment. Although we have not yet seen a ring on Johnson's finger, only time will tell what will actually happen. However, the couple obviously goes in this direction and we would like nothing more than to see them commit to each other for the rest of their lives. Fans around the world would be thrilled if this happened, and we can only assume that it may be soon!

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