Will Meghan Markle's family cause more drama when Baby Sussex is born?


It's no secret, among fans of the royal family, that Meghan Markle faces an intense family tragedy since her marriage to Prince Harry. It seems that her half-sister, Samantha Markle, as well as her half-brother and her father are more than willing to talk to the media whenever they have the opportunity and to make offensive comments about the Duchess of Sussex and her marriage.

Meghan treated the situation as a whole with grace and dignity, even after the announcement of Samantha's announcement of a book about her sister. However, with the arrival of Baby Sussex very soon, the question of whether Meghan's family will cause even more dramas after birth remains unresolved.

What did the Meghan Markle family up to now?

Since Meghan and Harry announced their engagement, Meghan's family has taken advantage of every opportunity they can possibly. Samantha Markle has participated in several talk shows and has consistently made offensive comments about her split sister on social media. It is known that she made outrageous statements about Meghan, and even about Harry, that she never met. Thomas Markle, Meghan's father, staged some paparazzi photos a few days before the royal wedding, drawing negative attention to himself and Harry's family.

Did Markle's family attend the wedding?

Even though Samantha was in London when Meghan married Prince Harry, she was not invited to the royal wedding any more than Meghan's brother. They both expressed their grief at the situation, which did not seem to confuse Meghan and Harry. They remained faithful to what they believed in and did not specify who they chose to invite or not to their wedding.

Although Thomas Markle planned to walk his daughter in the alley, he was forced to cancel at the last minute for health reasons (and after being caught staging pictures of paparazzi), leaving Meghan's mother as the only member of the family.

Will the family cause more drama at the birth of Baby Sussex?

Meghan and Harry together
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Samir Hussein / Samir Hussein / WireImage

Since Meghan and Harry announced they expect their first child, Meghan's family strives to create tension and drama for future parents. The Duchess of Sussex has received letters from her brother informing her that the best thing to do is to allow the baby to have a relationship with his father and siblings. Although Meghan and Harry did not respond to these letters, it certainly creates unnecessary stress for the couple.

How do they handle the situation?

It seems that Meghan and Harry manage the situation simply by staying silent. They express no sadness or anger at the behavior of Meghan's family and have not published any statements. Although the queen hinted that she thought Meghan should repair her family relationships, the duchess did not strive to do so. Harry stands with Meghan and supports the decisions she has made so far. It looks like the royal couple does what they think is best for their baby and does not let anyone influence their actions!

Who will be part of the baby's life?

The royal family, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton are all looking forward to the arrival of the baby! Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, would be more than happy with the birth of her first grandson. Whether or not Meghan contacts one of her family members before or even after the birth of the baby remains to be seen, and the royal fans are sure that she will make the decision that suits her best for her and Harry .

Congratulations to Meghan and Harry for their upcoming arrival!

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