Will my Amazon Echo loudspeaker work on the hotel's Wi-Fi?


Best answer: As long as you have secured access to your hotel's Wi-Fi network and there is no restriction as to the number of devices you can connect, you must be perfectly able to connect your Amazon Echo's own speaker to any Wi-Fi network of any hotel. You can also use the mobile hotspot feature of your phone or a portable router extension such as the N300 TP-Link wireless portable travel nano router if you want to create your own secure Wi-Fi network for your phone. room and avoid any additional hotel. fees for multiple devices.

Amazon: Amazon Echo Dot ($ 50)

Bring Alexa on the go to help you with your daily tasks.

It may seem a bit strange at first to carry a smart speaker in your luggage for your next business trip or your next vacation, but only until you stop and think about the fact that to have Alexa in your hotel room would be rather practical.

Maintain your daily habits and keep in touch with your smart product at home.

For those of us who rely on Alexa for setting alarms and for morning briefings, it may be nice to start the day in the same way, even on the road. Alexa can also help you find and recommend nearby restaurants or cafes using only your voice, or get the latest weather reports from the area. You will just need to change the location of the device in the Alexa application, which is especially important if you have planned an extended stay.

With Alexa, you always keep control of your smart home products at home, even just using the Alexa app. You can turn on or off the smart lights in your home or set them according to a schedule that gives the impression that someone is always at home, make sure your smart thermostat is set to the smart mode. absence and that you do not waste your money on heating an empty house. the locks are always engaged.

Bedside Companion

Finally, one of the most obvious use cases to bring a smart speaker on the go is the easy ability to listen to your favorite music or podcasts while relaxing in your room. # 39; hotel. Calling music using only your voice is one of Alexa's best assets. It's a good thing to take away, especially if you're staying at a noisier hotel or motel, and you need white noise or soothing sleep music to fall asleep.

Fans staying at Marriott Hotels should soon begin to find special Amazon Echo products at most Marriott hotels, as the two companies have signed a partnership agreement for Amazon's new Alexa for Hospitality program announced in June. 2018. These solutions have been won, like most hotel TVs. Does not work exactly like a consumer version of the product, but is designed to serve as a virtual concierge for hotel amenities, including room service and control of smart products built into your room. This program is still in its infancy, but it is quite exciting to imagine how this could improve your future hotel stays once fully implemented.

What is the best Echo speaker for traveling?

Amazon has continued to improve the sound quality of each new generation of Echo speakers while condensing them into a more portable package, which means it's not unreasonable to carry an Echo or Echo Plus speaker. second generation in your luggage.

However, let's say that you are a frequent traveler and are looking to buy a new speaker specifically for travel. We recommend the third-generation Echo Dot because it is the most affordable speakerphone in the Amazon range, because of its size, which makes it the easiest to travel, and remains a complete speaker capable of filling easily any standard hotel room with sound of music. .

Travel size

Amazon Echo Dot

"I'm not small, I'm big enough for your comfort."

Portable enough to store any bag or luggage, the Echo Dot is easy to set up and use in any hotel with Wi-Fi so you can enjoy the routine and noises of nature. noise control that you expect from home, away from home.

You should be able to connect Echo Dot directly to the hotel's Wi-Fi or use the wireless access point feature of your phone to retransmit Wi-Fi from the hotel or connect it wirelessly through your mobile data plan (additional charges may apply, so be sure to check with your carrier before configuring it).

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