Will Prince Harry change Sussex baby diapers?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child and no one is more excited than Pinch Harry. The Duke of Sussex has been talking about his boy since Markle and he first announced their expectations in October 2018. As we get closer and closer duchess"When the day comes, the prince can not help sprouting from the size of his baby, the type of dad he wants to be and everything in between.

the duke and the Duchess are preparing to move from their two-bedroom cottage at the Kensington Palace into a ten-bedroom mansion at Frogmore House, just outside of London, where they can have more privacy for their small family. Although they seem to be full parents, will Prince Harry also change his diapers and get up to feed in the middle of the night?

Will Prince Harry change Baby Sussex's diapers?

Prince Harry loves children and we think he's going to follow his big brother, Prince William's steps, and be very active with his baby. After all, Prince William has seamlessly changed the diapers of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

In addition to his older brother's example, Prince Harry has already had his own experience with changing diapers. In 2013, just before the birth of Prince George, the Duke of Sussex participated in a charity event during which he had been instructed to change the diaper of a doll. It did not work perfectly since the prince had trouble closing the doll's diaper. At the time, he joked: "That's exactly what my brother is going to be. All mothers will say, "Do not leave it near children!" Look at how the tables have turned.

Adorable nickname that Prince Harry has for Baby Sussex

It is clear that Prince Harry is already obsessed with his child. Recently, while the duchess and he attended the Endeavor Fund Awards, Prince Harry commented on the size of his unborn child. The red-haired prince laughed at his beautiful wife: "There is a baby weighing in her."

He also already has the cutest nickname for Baby Sussex – the duke calls his unborn child "royal-to-be" and "our little hump".

Do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle know the sex of their baby?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have chosen not to know the sex of their baby. It will be a surprise for them when the duchess will have given birth in April or May. This is probably for the better because it is a non-royal royal no to reveal a sex before the birth of a baby.

The public will know if Baby Sussex is a boy or a girl when Queen Elizabeth officially announced the birth of her child. According to Katie Nicholl, the Duke and Duchess opted for a non-sexist crèche. She told Entertainment Tonight:[A]according to the sources that help with [their new home] renovations, the nursery itself will be very modern. Do not expect to see a baby pink or light blue. Apparently it will be a monochrome palette, whites and grays, you will tell me, will be the color theme for the Sussex baby nursery. "

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