Will Smith embraces his father's cheesy side by going to his child's Coachella box


Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

If we are honest here, Dad's progressive staging of Will Smith was a beautiful thing to see, as the former star of the sitcom and dazzling action, smartass, gradually evolved to become the one-day publisher a impeccable imitation of the video clips of his own son, then spends the day to go out with him in the middle of his great Coachella setting the next day. (While juggling his time between his own social media obligations and his big blue mark of Hollywood superstars.)

Which is exactly what Smith did last night, supporting his son Jaden for a few measurements of his "Icon" song during his set at the mass-music festival, and no doubt delighting all delighted fans Nick At Nite in the audience. It's not really a cool Fresh Prince song – which is good, really, since some of Smith's most recent music experiments have been self-indulgent. The call, as is often the case in this family in particular, is simply to look at how amused Smith and Jaden seem to have fun, the kind of silly family movie that was shot on a huge stage surrounded by hundreds of enthusiastic fans. You know like you.

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