Will Smith joins Jaden on stage at Coachella


Parents simply understand the importance of Coachella.

Jaden Smith was joined in the Sahara tent Friday night by Father Will for a performance of "Icon" – as instagrammed by the proud dad.

Jaden shot the video of Will Smith's shot, which turns the camera on his smartphone just long enough to photograph his father's cameo.

"Done done dat! #Coachella, "wrote Dad on the social media site.

Jaden then posted the same video on his own account.

Willow Smith, who opened the show last week, has not appeared before Jada Pinkett Smith. Apparently, the festival can handle only a maximum of Smithiness at a time. However, the floating Tesla has made a comeback.

This is not the first time that the father has plunged into the traffic jam of his son, although this is the first time they play together on stage.

In 2018, Will Smith first recreated Jaden's "Icon" video (from his first album, 2017) and then created his own bilingual rap in a complete studio remix with reggaeton rapper Nicky Jam. He took advantage of the track to boast about his retirement with his son's successful musical career.

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