Will Smith Will Not Come Back For Gunn's Suicide Squad 2


Deadshot will not be back for the next Suicide Squad mission.
Photo: Warner Bros.

The skwad has already lost one of its main members before his next sequel.

Variety reports that Smith – who was playing the nasty Batman and the contracted shooter Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. Deadshot in the first Suicide team film – decided to move away from a potential return The suicide brigade, the forthcoming (and recently dated) sequence should be led by the former Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn.

Variety notes that the decision was taken on the agenda and that it was an amicable decision, instead of letting Smith out of his role in DC's burgeoning film universe. Although it has never been officially confirmed that Smith would resume his role of Deadshot in the sequel, the character being one of the few major members of the team still standing, in the end of the first movie, so it was always assumed that Deadshot would be in all the shots away. At one point, there were even rumors that Smith could run his own band with the character, so it's not like you're not planning more Deadshot – at least at some point.

Recent reports, however, have claimed that Gunn's sequel would focus primarily on new characters rather than on the return of the stars of the original film. So it makes sense that, if Smith had time conflicts, Warner Bros. allowed him to leave rather than fight to keep Deadshot in the movie. .

A lot of time to find a replacement candidate, at least! The suicide brigade is currently set for August 6, 2021.

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