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Windows 7 users upset over unwanted telemetry patches Tuesday – Naked Security

Has Microsoft just been surprised trying to introduce a compatibility assessment tool into the supposedly secure Patch Tuesday update for July for Windows 7?

Some users who subscribed to "secure" updates for Windows 7 have migrated to Twitter and even sent an email to reporters to report their suspicions after noting the inclusion of the tool called Compatibility Appraiser in the hotfix KB4507456.

Depending on your interpretation of Microsoft by adding a non-security-related component to what is advertised as a security update, this is an exaggerated minor controversy or the latest example of Microsoft's negligence at the time. regards the wishes of its users.

The technical roots of the problem go back to 2016, when Microsoft tried to simplify patching for older versions of Windows by offering users of Windows 7 and 8.1 two types of updates: the first consists of a " cumulative monthly "of all security patches and no bugs and reliability), the second a security update only regarding this month's patches.

Individual security patches were no longer available with the security update, which made it an all-in-one.

Unfortunately, before the release of Windows 10 the previous year, Microsoft had encountered a controversial issue by offering an update, KB 2952664, with diagnostics designed for, according to Microsoft's terms:

Evaluate the compatibility status of the Windows ecosystem and help Microsoft ensure compatibility of applications and devices for all Windows updates.

According to Woody Leonhard, a Windows expert, Windows 7 SP1 added a new task, 'DoScheduledTelemetryRun', which was to be launched every day at 3:00 am, which was not satisfactory for everyone.