Winterfell's battle strategy on Game of Thrones has a major flaw.


Spoiler Warning: Light spoilers are coming for "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms", Episode 2 of Season 8 of Game of thrones.

We are preparing for a big battle in the next week. Game of thronesand if this week's episode, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms", did everything possible to emphasize that all non-combatants would be safe in the crypts under Winterfell. Davos says that, Gilly says that, Daenerys says that, Jon says that: if you do not want to become a light snack, crypts are apparently the place to be. But given the level of security of the crypts near Chekov's weapons, the crypts of Winterfell are obviously extremely not secure.

Let's go through this fast. Since the crypts are, well, there's only one thing down there: the corpses of dead Starks. (Okay, and the statues of those dead Starks, and maybe dragon eggs, according to some more extravagant theories.) But on the other hand, we're moving away from the subject. have an invading force of ice monsters, whose main power lies in … resurrecting corpses to fight for them. Gather these items and you will have the recipe for disaster. Do not forget that any innocent person who hides in the crypts and gets shot by zombie stark ancestors will only increase the number of undead.

There are some big questions here. How far should a white walker be to resurrect a corpse? Is there an age limit of a corpse before it can be brought back? But there are currently thousands of dead Starks buried there. Even forgetting that some of the older bones are probably dust and some of the recently dead Starks are not there – like Catelyn and Robb, whose corpses never returned to Winterfell after the red wedding – there's still a lot of potential weight down. (And yet, Catelyn's body was not found, we are again not to go to the big Lady Stoneheart reveal that fans have been clamoring for more than one season.)

And we know that the remains of Ned Stark were buried in the crypts because the return of his body was one of Robb's demands when he declared himself king in the North during of the season 2. Also in the crypts: the sister of Ned (and that of Jon Snow) real mother) Lyanna Stark and Rickon Stark, died during the bastards battle, in season 6.

Jon Snow is not in the best emotional place after the revelation of his true parentage and his confrontation with Daenerys as she realizes he has the right to claim to govern the Seven Kingdoms. Faced with the undead bodies of the mother Jon never met, the man who kept a lifetime lie about the fact that he was Jon's father and the world's fate brother on the line.

Take this potential army of soldiers, which could serve as ace in the hole for the White Walker army, with the intense foreshadowing of this week's episode, and the only real question that remains is: Game of thrones enough indulgent for Sean Bean's headless body to come to life, serving as a reminder of the first and most shocking death in the series, then attacking the remaining members of his family?

If you still watch the show at this point, you probably already know the answer to that question.

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