Witness in a murderous video in a mall: "They shot this man for no reason"

HOOVER, Ala. – A social media video shows that witnesses believed that the police had killed the wrong person when they shot a black man in a mall in Alabama the day of Thanksgiving. Three victims of shooting can be seen in the video, including Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., also known as EJ.

"They just killed this man in cold blood, they just saw that man had a gun on him, they shot him for no reason," Noland Moore could be heard in a video uploaded to Facebook.

Bradford was armed. The 21-year-old had a concealed weapons license, reported Mark Strassmann, CBS News correspondent. The protesters gathered Tuesday night at the mayor's home to ask for answers.

Hoover police explained in a quirky way why she had confused Bradford with an active shooter at the Riverchase Galleria Mall. At first, Hoover police insisted that he had injured two people earlier at the mall. They quickly demoted: Bradford was not the shooter. The real armed man remains on the run.

In the sixteenth-century Baptist Church in Birmingham, a symbol of civil rights, several hundred sympathizers shared the anger and frustration of the Bradford family. That was too much for April Pipkins, the victim's mother. She collapsed with grief.

"I have to bury my little boy," said Father Emantic Bradford Sr., stifled by the emotion. "And it makes me sick, because being at home every day is not going to be fun because I can not talk to my child."

Bradford family lawyer Benjamin Crump said Bradford was killed because police saw a black man hold a rifle.

"There's a suggestion … that to stop the bad guys with guns, we have to have the right ones at the gun." Well, EJ Bradford was a good man with a gun, "said Crump.

Witnesses told the family that Bradford was trying to help people get safe when he was shot.

The Bradford family requires the release of video tapes from the shoot, including what is inside the firing agent's camera. CBS News asked for more answers on this topic. State investigators will not comment as long as the case is active. The Hoover police, despite a commitment to transparency, never answered us. In their last statement, they insisted that Bradford was holding his gun in their first appearance at the mall.

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