Woman, hidden, body, mom, blankets, deodorants


Photo: Charlotte Observer

BRISTOL, Va. – The authorities have announced that a woman has been hiding her mother's rotting body in their home in Virginia for several weeks, covering it with dozens of blankets and surrounding it with a blanket of blankets. an air freshener to mask the odor.

According to news agencies, 55-year-old Jo-Whitney Outland has been accused of hiding a body by a crime. Sgt. Bristol police detective Steve Crawford said the investigation had begun Monday when Outland parents were concerned about Rosemary Outland, a 78-year-old. The investigators believe that Rosemary Outland died at the end of December.

Crawford said the authorities found the body stuck in a chair and covered with more than 50 blankets and clothing and more than 60 air fresheners. He says that forensic scientists will confirm the identification and cause of death.

Jo-Whitney Outland told WJHL-TV on Thursday afternoon that she had covered her mother's body out of respect.

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