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Women's World Cup star Megan Rapinoe is a bad sport

Billy Joel once m said"We did not light the fire, it has always burned since the world turns … No, we did not light, but we tried to fight it." to be further from the truth.

Take the example of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of D-New York, and the new celebrity and captain of the US National Women's Team, Megan Rapinoe. The two young women use their massive platforms not to extinguish fires, but to fan and spread the flames of outrage on the wrong ground.

Even before winning the women's soccer World Cup, Rapinoe said she was "do not go to the next White House"If President Trump invited them after their potential victory, after the last game, she saw an American flag fall to the ground and unknown take a picture opp.

President Trump responded with an edgy Twitter feed.

Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez decided to invite the women's team to Congress to oppose President Trump's offer. Rapinoe said she would attend the Ocasio-Cortez event because the football star is only willing to talk to people "Who believe the same things [she] believe in. To refuse an invitation to the White House and to reprimand all those who disagree with progressive politics is not simply to make a political declaration, it is a lack of unpatriotic respect.

After all that, Rapinoe continued, her arms wide open and the sunglasses, proudly celebrating "her" accomplishment, dancing to a stage in Manhattan, and then delivering a speech in which she said, "This is my responsibility to everyone: we have to be better. We must love more. Hate less. We must listen more and talk less.

These comments could have been helpful, if not encouraging, if she had not based her speech on her own hateful comments, where she did not respect the current government and all Americans. On several occasions, Rapinoe has not followed his own advice. In fact, she should love more and hate less, and most importantly, listening much more than preaching about her politics and how much she deserved to win.

What is missing here is clear: humility.

Of course, star athletes are not known for their timeless sweetness and shyness, any more than politicians, but the responses of these young women are only provocative and provocative words that fuel the anxieties of society.

Declaring "your" success at the World Cup does not confer the same rights on women. Inviting angry football player to Congress does not change the standards at the border. Rather than creating white noise and praising oneself, these young women must eliminate the political drama and behavior of overworked people, and stick to the essentials.

Rapinoe, in her victory, should not exclaim: "I deserve it." It should be seen as an opportunity to unite and celebrate, not to exclude people whose political messages have nothing to do with it. see with the victory of the country.

Celebrating a victory or protesting is not a mistake in itself, but Rapinoë's rhetoric opposes us. Instead of using entertainment to escape today's politics, the opportunity for unity is becoming politicized.

We seem to have forgotten the coach's old advice: "Remember your position. And be a good sport. "

Isabella Redjai studies at Hillsdale College and is the editor of Hillsdale Collegian's opinions.

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