Woodstock 50 fears of cancellation looming after handing over ticket sales


An email alerting agents of the postponement of the sale of the Woodstock 50 ticket raised fears that the 100,000 memorial concert would be canceled, although its founder Michael Lang Throws fears as mere "rumors" late Friday.

"Woodstock is a phenomenon that has attracted attention for fifty years on its principles as well as on the rumors that can be attached to this attention," said Lang, one of the co-founders of the original event organized in 1969 at Bethel Woods, New York. a statement to Display panel, adding that fears of his disappearance were "just more rumors".

Earlier today, talent manager Amanda Phelan Danny Wimmer Presents, a talented Woodstock 50 buyer, sent an email to agents representing the artists at the concert in Watkins Glen, New York, saying, "The sale date of Woodstock 50 is currently suspended and we are waiting for the official press. Woodstock 50 statement regarding updated announcements, ticket prices and general information about the festival and we will give it to you as soon as we receive it. "

Tickets for the three-day event with headliners The Killers, Dead and Co, Imagine Dragons and Jay-Z were supposed to go on sale Monday, April 22 in the honor of the day of the earth. No new date has been announced and the delay has aroused the concern of managers and agents with groups playing the multi-genre festival.

"There have always been a lot of rumors around Woodstock," says Lang on On March 5, while he was answering questions about why he planned to wait more than a month after putting tickets on sale to announce programming.

"We have excellent partners and an incredible list of talents from over 80 artists to be announced in the coming weeks, and we are preparing a unique event in life," he said.

Display panel spoke with representatives of a number of programming acts that say that most artists have already been paid deposits for their performance.

"Nobody knows what's going on, but there's clearly a problem," says an agent who plays the act from August 16 to 18, adding that the fact that the Lang and Woodstock 50 team fails to get the event On sale probably means a problem with investors or complications at the Watkins Glen International Speedway site, which is slated to host this year's event.

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