Woodstock 50 producer withdraws after loss of festival site


Less than an hour after Watkins Glen International Speedway announced that it would no longer welcome the Woodstock 50 on Monday, June 10, the event's producer, CID Entertainment, released a statement in which he declared that he was ending his participation in the anniversary festival and in the state of New York. The Ministry of Health has announced that its license application has been canceled.

"CID Entertainment has been engaged to provide improved camping, travel packages and transportation to Woodstock 50. Given the changing circumstances, we can state that CID is no longer involved with Woodstock 50", said Dan Berkowitz, from CID Entertainment. Display panel in a report.

CID Entertainment was to replace the Rick Farman Superfly, which had agreed to produce the festival for $ 3 million, before retiring from the party after the announcement by financier Dentsu of the cancellation of the event. event on April 29th. A New York judge later stated that Dentsu technically did not have the right to cancel the event, but cited a correspondence between Superfly's lawyers and Michael Lang of 50 years of Woodstock, co-producer of the original festival Woodstock in 1969, as proof that the organizers would probably not hold the event.

After the withdrawal of Superfly, Lang proposed CID Entertainment to replace him, although the work that CID undertook to prepare the festival remains unclear. Owned by OnLocation, CID was initially in charge of managing the VIP offerings for the festival, which was planned to accommodate 150,000 to 200,000 viewers, although security and site concerns have reduced capacity to less than 75,000. .

On Monday, race track officials left the homeless festival, issuing a statement explaining: "Watkins Glen International has terminated the Woodstock site license in accordance with the terms of the contract …. As such, WGI will not organize the Woodstock 50 Festival. "

Two hours later, an official from the New York State Department of Health told Display panel"The ministry has received a statement from Watkins Glen International stating its intention to cancel its application for a mass collection permit for Woodstock 50."

Tim O'Hearn, administrator of Schulyer County who was to host the festival, said Display panel in a statement that the news was "a major disappointment for us as we were looking forward to hosting this iconic event in our community".

"Today's announcement is difficult to assimilate, but it is not completely unexpected given the well-known delays of this planned event," he added. "We congratulate Watkins Glen International for their actions, which we believe are in the general interest of the community."

50 representatives of Woodstock, announced with a lot of fanfare and programming including Dead and Company, Jay-Z, Imagine Dragons, Miley Cyrus and The Killers, have not put up for sale tickets for the event, nor obtained a mass collection permit from the New York Department of Health. Dentu's decision to withdraw from the festival left Lang and his partner, Greg Peck, without the funding to organize the concert. Last month, two judges of the New York Supreme Court rejected the request of the festival's lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, to force Dentsu to surrender $ 18.5 million. The money withdrawn from the Woodstock 50 bank account after the Japanese company announced the cancellation of the festival.

The makers of Woodstock 50 have not responded to a request for comment by date of publication.

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