Woody Johnson returns to the United States to take charge of the Jets

As the Jets introduced a new coach, a previous owner was returning home to take control.

Woody Johnson was on a plane back to the United States, Christopher Johnson said Thursday, after completing his post as ambassador to the United Kingdom under President Donald Trump’s administration. President Joe Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday and government posts are turning.

Christopher Johnson, who acted as the primary owner of the Jets in Woody’s absence, announced the change to the top of the structure Thursday at the press conference to introduce new coach Robert Saleh. Christopher will become vice president of the Jets and remain heavily involved in day-to-day operations, but Woody will take over key ownership functions.

Woody Johnson bought the Jets in January 2000 for $ 635 million. He ceded control to Christopher in 2017 in conjunction with his political appointment, and the hiring of Saleh will be the last significant development achieved without Woody’s final say on decision-making.

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What will be the impact of the change?

Well, Woody Johnson, who was behind the 2008 acquisition of Brett Favre from the Green Bay Packers Jets, is known to be in love with all-star quarterbacks and there turns out to be a disgruntled one. who could hit the NFL trading market: Deshaun Watson of Houston. Texans.

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was drafted while Woody was away from home.

Woody Johnson has been accused of making racist and sexist remarks during his tenure as ambassador, but he has denied the allegations. Christopher, while leading the Jets, reiterated his brother’s denials.

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