WordPress is upset to take advantage of this glorious plant


I'll call her Gertrude.
Screenshot: Victoria Song (TechCrunch)

Internet is full of sites, which WordPress manages a ton of sites. But around 13:05 today, something has rocked for sites hosted on the WordPress VIP Go platform … and an Internet star is born. See this nice 'lil succulent? It is currently pasted on any site having taken the original WordPress theme.

TechCrunch, Google 9to5, Mac 9to5, Elektrek, DroneDJ, Rolling Stone, Quartz, Rolling Stone and BBC America are some of the sites impacted. friend of the plants in sight).

According to the Twitter account of the WordPress VIP service, it seems that the problem has not only themes, but also 503 errors. That said, if you're just a regular user, you're probably in the clear.

Do not worry, WordPress is already working on a fix and it is likely that halfway through your reading, everything will be back to normal. Some sites would already have started to recover snafu, but the affected people are contacting WordPress customer support. Meanwhile, enjoy this slideshow that documents this brief but wonderful moment in the history of the Internet and say hello to the factory who becomes an icon.


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