One of the changes introduced with Android Pie consisted of a list of suggested applications and actions of the application in the drawer and in the presentation screen when you switch between applications. However, it was a customizable setting that you could disable if you wanted. With the latest beta 4 of Q, the setting is gone, which means you can not get rid of these icons if you do not want to see them.

Until Android Q Beta 3, the pixel launcher Home settings had a suggestions menu that allows you to turn on or off the recommended apps (for example, the row of five apps you see in the screen capture above) and actions (for example, the two more buttons large to open a specific contact in email applications or to access a location in Maps, for example). . However, even if it has always been activated on my Pixel 2 XL, it completely disappeared a few months ago.

Suggested settings in Pixel Launcher on Android Q Beta 3.

With Q Beta 4, all suggestions menu is gone, as indicated by 9to5Google. The result is that you can not change these settings. Since the application actions disappeared some time ago, it does not affect them, but it means that regular application suggestions are stuck in an activated mode and that they are not. will display in the upper part of the application drawer, as well as in the preview screen. . If you prefer to disable them, get ready to like them.

Update: It seems that if you have disabled app suggestions in Q Beta 3, the settings are kept in Beta 4 and you will not see the row of apps. Thank you, Douglas Hunley!

Suggestion settings are gone in Android Q Beta 4 and suggested apps are enabled by default.

This is not a problem for me because I keep the setting enabled. I find that the suggestions are often accurate and allow me to avoid having to rummage through the application drawer to unearth the application I wanted. But we all know that the choice is a good thing and that it is better not to impose a parameter or a feature. It may be a missed menu not included in version 4, but it could also be that Google has judged the suggestions necessary for everyone and made this decision for all of us. We will have to wait for the next beta and stable versions to see.