World of Warcraft Classic players take features for bugs


World of Warcraft Classic recently launched a closed "small-scale" beta for a limited number of players before its worldwide live release on August 27th. Since the beginning of the beta, Blizzard has apparently received information from players who confuse the features of the classic version of the MMO for insects. As a result, the studio recently released a "No-one-bug" list to clear up misconceptions.

The legacy server restores WoW to version 1.12 that was launched in 2004. To stay true to what it was at the time, the studio reproduced everything the previous version proposed, including inconsistencies, what which obviously led some players to believe buggy.

In the blog post, Blizzard's community leader explained that the nature of WoW Classic invoked different memories for different players, which could easily lead to misunderstandings: "As we have already explained, the WoW Classic's nature sometimes calls for different memories for it. This leads to some misconceptions among some about what works or does not work as intended. As a result, the studio has compiled a list of "gameplay commonly reported in WoW Classic that is actually not a bug."

You can see the full list of features confused with the bugs below:

  • Tauren's hitboxes and their melee range are slightly larger than those of other races.
  • Being critically hit using / seated to sit down does not cause activation of abilities such as Enrage, Blood Craze and Reckoning.
  • The use of the "Automatic Quest Tracking" option does not automatically track recently accepted quests. (Instead, he will begin to follow an existing quest once progress toward a goal has begun.)
  • Regeneration of the warrior's health is working at the expected speed.
  • The objectives of the quest and the points of interest are not tracked on the map or on the mini-map.
  • Completed quests are marked with a dot on the mini-map. (and not a "?")
  • Nervous players and NPCs run fast.
  • Standing on top of other players face to face allows you to use spells and attacks.
  • Creature spawn rates are much slower than in Battle for Azeroth.
  • NPCs that offer multiple quests can display them inconsistently as a dot or "!" on the list of available quests. They were inconsistent in 1.12 and we reproduced the exact incoherence that they had at the time.
  • Quests whose level is too low do not display as a "!" in the game world
  • The available quests do not include "!" on the mini-map.
  • At the top level, the message "Your protection skill has been increased to 15" has been added in 1.12.1, and we intend to keep it.

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