World Oral Health Day: Quit Smoking to Avoid Oral Cancer – Dentist

Health News Wednesday, March 20, 2019



Oral Health Day Researchers say oral cancer is responsible for the deaths of 200,000 people worldwide each year

Dr. Kalsoum Zakaria Adam, a dentist at Korle Bu University Hospital (KBTH), said he is concerned about the steady progression of oral and throat cancers in the country.

She revealed that most diagnoses were due to excessive smoking and alcoholism.

Researchers say that oral cancer accounts for about 200,000 deaths each year worldwide.

According to Dr. Adam, most smokers do not follow the best practices of oral hygiene, a situation that leads to oral cancers that could potentially lead to lung cancer.

She pointed out that smokers were at a higher risk of getting oral cancer and advised the public to avoid smoking to reduce the risk of oral cancer.

Dr. Kalsoum, who was speaking to Class91.3FM on the occasion of World Oral Health Day, celebrated on March 20 each year, said that smoking "modifies certain genes in the mouth then abnormal cells form and call it cancer.

Organized by the World Dental Federation FDI, World Oral Health Day includes campaigns by national dental associations from around the world and activities in more than 130 countries to raise awareness of oral health issues and the importance of oral hygiene so that governments, health associations and the general public can work together to have a healthier mouth and a happier life.

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