World War Z unloads heavy artillery into an explosive launch trailer

World War Z will finally be released next week and Saber Interactive has released a launch trailer for the cooperative zombie shooter. The trailer offers a nice overview of the game's characters, from four different locations (New York, Moscow, Jerusalem and Tokyo) and, of course, many explosive zombies. All the action is set to a modern cover of "War", which is an interesting musical choice. At least, it's better than P.O.D. You can watch the trailer below.

Not sure of the taste of Saber Interactive in the air, but World War Z should be a good endless time. If you want a broader view of the game, you can view a trailer by clicking here. Meanwhile, scroll down for the official description of the game:

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Powered by Saber's Swarm engine, World War Z releases hundreds of bloodthirsty, fast-paced zombies – capable of moving into a single collective horde and splitting into individual units, at a time, on players. Choose from six distinct classes and an arsenal of weapons, explosives, turrets and deadly traps. Survive the dead during intense campaign missions in cooperation between four players around the world and face zombies and formidable opponents in a multiplayer player against player versus player against zombie mode.

I had the opportunity to participate in World War Z and, believe me, the game is surprisingly fun. If you have a few more minutes, you can get more information about World War Z zombies, their links to movies, and more, in the full Wccftech interview. Saber Interactive has also unveiled a fourth surprise site for the game, Tokyo, on which you can learn more here.

On April 16, World War Z is unleashed on PC, Xbox One and PS4. What do you think? Do you want to register for this particular war?

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