Would Rays owner Stuart Sternberg move to the Tampa Bay area?


NEW YORK – Rays' main owner, Stuart Sternberg, complains that he continues to live in New York despite the fact that he has owned the team for 14 seasons.

Some Twitterers and others go so far as to suggest that the team would be more supported if Sternberg, like Lightning owner Jeff Vinik, moved to the Tampa Bay area.

At what Sternberg, who makes regular trips to St. Petersburg, said, really, really?

Sternberg pointed out that the Steinbrenners, the late father George and now Hal son, own the Yankees but live in Tampa, among others who are not locals:

"There are a lot of baseball owners who do not live in their cities and who do not win as many games as us and … because we are the last or the last present, they are attracting more people."

Could this really be of importance?

"How about that," said Sternberg. "If I lived in the area, how many people should I expect? Give me that answer, and I'll take it from there. "

Spotlight on the meadows

Austin Meadows sent a group of journalists to wait in his locker after Friday's frustrating defeat, asking questions about pitcher Yankees CC Sabathia in a fifth inning.

Meadows did not think it was intentional at the time. But when one shows a video clip of Sabathia on television, shouting, "I was really trying to hit her …", Meadows became aware of it.

"Seeing this later, he was obviously trying to hit me," Meadows said Friday. "You know CC, it's been around for a long time. It's a competitor. He obviously wanted to try his luck there. … Obviously, we had an ox (between the teams) in both directions. It's part of the game, honestly. Fortunately, I was not touched. But that's what he is. "

Saturday, Meadows had to reply, hitting a circuit in the 11th inning that allowed the Rays to win 2-1. That's what helped Aaron Hicks extend the Yankees' 1-0 lead.

Was there extra satisfaction after the Sabathia incident?

"No, (Friday) is that," he said. "We watched that. We have responded well today. It was another difficult day. We are still going to face the Yankees, so winning a victory was a big win. "

The home race, Meadows' first in extra heat, was rewarding because earlier in the count, he had missed a ball from Luis Cessa, then had another ball that he did not miss. Regarding the Meadows pitch, after Hicks went through the stop signal of his third goal coach:

"He seemed to have a hand in it, and he did it," said manager Kevin Cash.

Snell game

Ace Blake Snell acknowledged that, for whatever reason, he did not have much of his best material on Saturday, which made the new catcher Erik Kratz, the 38-year-old fellow acquired on Thursday, even more important.

"Thanks to what I've had, working with him, you can say he's a veterinarian and knows what he's doing," Snell said. "We talked at each round and we were on the same page for the most part. It was fun to work with him and I can not wait to see him again. … he's just very calm. … it was very reciprocal. … He is very confident in what he does and in what he talks about. "

The only round allowed by Snell is on wild ground after charging the goals with a goal in the third.

List of the day

Only seven players appeared in a match for the older Rays than new receiver Erik Kratz, who started for them Saturday at 38, 337 days:

Player Games

3B Wade Boggs 213

C Jose Molina 66

1B Fred McGriff 27

RH Troy Percival 2

RF Russ Springer 1

LH Brian Shouse 1

DH Julio Franco 1

Number of the day


Record for the Rays at Yankee Stadium since early 2017.


• Hunter Wood was activated after missing 16 days due to a pain in the right shoulder, launched the 10th inning and won. Pitcher Austin Pruitt was sent back to Triple A.

• Matt Duffy (hamstring) continued his rehabilitation on Saturday with Class A Stone Crabs at Clearwater and was scheduled to play at the short stop rather than his usual third goal. This creates an interesting possibility that he might have a little time to return, given the lack of consistent production by Willy Adames and Daniel Robertson.

• The Rays return home for a pair of games with the Dodgers before setting out again, scoring the third "family game" at two games in the franchise's history. They did it in 1998 and 1998 against the Twins.

• As part of a tribute to Armed Forces Day celebrated on the MLB's scale, Rays and other teams wore a coat of arms on their Saturday uniform and a camo cap all week -end.

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