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Wrangler's collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X gets boycotted by fans

For those who do not know, country fans take their jeans seriously – very seriously.

Example: Wrangler was criticized this week after launching a collaboration in the denim business with rapper Lil Nas X, inspired by his hit song "Old Town Road".

Fans began boycotting the American manufacturer, claiming that "real cowboys" would never wear new clothes – or listen to Lil Nas X.

"That's how you lose customers," wrote one person on Instagram.

"From cowboys to rappers," said another.

Those who support the collaboration described this outrage as "racist" – some social media users claiming it came only from "whites" and "rednecks".

"You speak as if a wrestler only made clothes for those who live like a cowboy, grow up! there is money to be made here, "wrote a GI user.

"Thank you for choosing something different with your Wrangler Jeans line," said another person on Twitter. "Whites do not know the company that owns Wrangler, has many other ranges of clothing that blacks wear. P.S, Blacks wear wrestlers.

On Wednesday, many people shared angry messages to get support for Wrangler.

"WRANGLER JUST PARTNERED WITH LIL NAS X AND THE RACIST ARE MAD [sic], " tweeted user @tylerujazy, with a picture showing some of the messages. "BUY ALL JEWELS WRANGLER LIL NAS X COLLAB, YOU CAN SUPPORT DIVERSITY."

The new Wranglers – featuring the words "Wrangler on my booty" from "Old Town Road" – are currently available on the company's website. The apparel giant now joins Levi, who was boycotted last year because of his position on gun control, on the list of jeans makers who have been criticized over the social media.

"I'm sick," said a GI user. "I went to Wrangler when Levi went against the guns because Wrangler was the real Cowboy brand … but of course, they can not stay loyal to their customers and try to appease a totally different audience who should google what Wrangler is … "

The @thomasoftheyear user said, "If you have any sense, you'll stop production and burn what's left … I do not buy anything Levi's made after taking control of guns. I will stop buying the Wranglers so quickly for this nonsense. "

Wrangler did not immediately respond to Wednesday's requests for comment, but the company said online: "Since 1947, we have been offering jeans for different types of people. Our Western heritage and our offer of quality products for all wearers will always be the heart of the brand. "

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