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NFL surveillance teams officially began Friday, but the weekend began Thursday as this year's outlook was verified by their measurements of size, weight and length that are used as a key factor in the monitoring process. .

Offensive players were the first to compete, including five former mountaineers. Here is a preview of how it has proven effective for offensive tackle Yodny Cajuste, quarterback Will Grier, tight half Trevon Wesco and wide receivers David Sills and Gary Jennings.

William Wotring / The Dominion Post and WVMetroNews

The quarterback of the West Virginia Mountaineers, Will Grier, during warm-ups.

Will Grier

Size: 6-2 1/2

Weight: 217

Hands: 9 3/8 inches

Arms: 31 1/2

wingspan: 75 1/8

How it is measured: The size of the hand is important for the quarterbacks, who must handle the ball with each game. This is a concern for Grier, who actually has smaller hands than Kyler Murray of 5 feet 10 inches.

It's also not a cause for panic if Grier behaves well in football-related activities. Baker Mayfield, last year's # 1 pick, only had 9 1/2 "hands. Selection # 3, Sam Darnold, is the same size as Grier. No expert predicts that Grier will be chosen near this neighborhood, but these two quarterbacks prove that this inconvenience does not have to weigh heavily on him.

William Wotring / The Dominion Post and WVMetroNews

West Virginia has left the tackle against Yodny Cajuste against the Youngstown State.

Yodny Cajuste

Size: 6-4 7/8

Weight: 312 lbs

Hands: 10 inches

Arms: 34 inches

wingspan: 82 1/4 inches

How it is measured: For offensive linemen, arm length and weight are the most valuable measurable items before training. This augurs well for Cajuste. He is almost identical to the first tack of the selection board last year, Mike McGlinchey of Notre Dame. Despite giving McGlinchey three inches tall, Cajuste has the same arm length and three pounds more. McGlinchey was drafted ninth overall by San Francisco last year.

Gary Jennings Jr. (12), a wide receiver from West Virginia, catches the ball during warm-ups at Milan's Puskar stadium.

Gary Jennings

Size: 6-1

Weight: 214 lbs

Hands: 9 5/8 inches

Arms: 32 1/2 inches

wingspan: 78 1/8 inches

How it is measured: Size matters less in the wide receiver than speed and hands, as the Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman recently showed. Jennings will certainly not be hurt by his measurables, though – though he is 6 feet 1 inches tall, his wingspan and size of his hands indicate Stretch Armstrong's ability to catch passes he has repeatedly shown on the ground.

William Wotring / MetroNews & The Dominion Post

West Virginia wide receiver David Sills V (13) reacts after a first loss to Kansas.

David Sills

Size: 6-3 1/4

Weight: 211 lbs

Hands: 9 inches

Arms: 32 inches

wingspan: 75 5/8 inches

How it is measured: Sills is an interesting contrast to his own teammate, who is over five centimeters taller than Jennings but has slightly shorter arms. In general, the combine is an interesting test site for Sills, who intends to impress most scouts by the force of his film.

William Wotring / The Dominion Post and WVMetroNews

Trevon Wesco reacts after a first defeat against Baylor.

Trevon Wesco

Size: 6-3 1/2

Weight: 267

Hands: 9 1/2 inches

Arms: 34 3/4 inches

wingspan: 81 1/2

How it is measured: Anyone who has watched Wesco play this season may be surprised to discover that he is not at least 6 feet 5 inches tall. But when you see his arm length and span, his ability to play so big adds up. Wesco has a longer arm size than any tight end in the combined of last year.

Wesco has also evolved as a Senior Bowl backback, but his results show that it's long enough to stay tight in the NFL, even though his indicated height puts some scouts on the head.

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