WWE Announces "Special Announcement" on NXT this Week

Considering the sudden arrival of four NXT Superstars at Gross Last night (Feb. 19), including two of the current title holders, this wave added to the preview of this week's NXT episode on WWE Network certainly sounds interesting …

A special announcement will be made

Get ready, because this week's NXT will feature a special announcement. In the absence of additional details to date, speculation about what is reserved for the brand Black and Gold escape. Be among the first to know when NXT will air on Wednesday at 8 am on the WWE network.

Will we learn more about the logic behind the movement of alignment, kayfabe or other? Could the champions now appear on Gross (and maybe Smack down) lose their NXT belts? Will the show be broadcast on FS1 after the transfer of the blue brand to Fox this fall?

One thing for sure. The WWE.com previsitors are right, because SPECULATION runs in the cold here in my own brain!

What do you think will be announced during the February 20 episode of NXT, Cagesiders?

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