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WWE never announced the special choice of Baron Corbin referees

Is more misleading advertising or card is subject to WWE change?

This week on GrossThe WWE said Baron Corbin would choose a special referee for his Sunday match against Seth Rollins. WWE teased, promoted, and even told a great story throughout his Monday night show.

then Gross it's off and Corbin still had not answered the question.

WWE ad that Corbin would choose to be the invited umpire to Stomping Grounds started over the weekend. It was even promised that the answer would be tonight (June 17) the Gross.

After starting with Elias in the opening night segment, Rollins also clubbed EC3 and Eric Young, and threatened to reject anyone who would consider accepting Corbin's offer.

As Gross Faded to Black, that is Corbin who stood tall with a chair in his hand and the question of who he would choose to be the umpire for the universal title still remained unanswered.

By all accounts, this week's episode of Gross was one of the best that the WWE has put together for months. Nevertheless, these are small details, such as the promising plot movement and lack of results, which, once added, can bring fans to the brink.

Lazy writing, lack of attention to detail or just a pure creative plot hole are all too common on WWE television, week in and week out.

Who will Baron Corbin choose as a special guest arbiter for Stomping Grounds? Does the WWE even know at this point?

To be complete Gross results and coverage right here.

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