WWE RAW – Complete results and videos from Lafayette, 18/02/2019


– Tonight's WWE RAW opens with a graphic in memory of WWE Hall of Fame member Pedro Morales, who died Tuesday at the age of 76. We are live from Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana, while Michael Cole welcomes us. He is joined by Corey Graves and Renee Young.

– We go straight to the ring and Triple H enters the ring.

Triple H tells how exciting this time of year is when we see the WrestleMania 35 panel hanging high in the air. He talks about the Elimination Chamber and gives props to some superstars for their performances – the new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley, the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor and Kofi Kingston. Fans start singing for Kofi. He also named Becky Lynch, who did not let a 60-day suspension prevent him from getting his hands on Charlotte Flair. Triple H says in private that he must say that Becky will be arrested and prosecuted if she does it again, but personally, he thinks it was pretty cool. He also names DX to enter the WWE Hall of Fame for the 2019 class. DX gets a pop, including the mention of Chyna. He also mentioned other members of the group – Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, "Road Dogg" BG James, Billy Gunn, the WWE Hall of Fame, Shawn Michaels and himself.

Triple H says he's about to pour gasoline on the fire of the WrestleMania 35 season. He talks about his other roles in managing the WWE NXT brand. He is proud to present four NXT Superstars who will debut tonight on RAW. He first speaks of Ricochet in the form of a video package broadcast while Cole praises the high flyer. Triple H talks about Aleister Black then, while Cole approaches Black while playing a movie. Cole welcomes Black in the main roster, indicating that some of these superstars will be recalled. Triple H presents the fast video pack for North American champion NXT, Johnny Gargano, while Cole talks to Johnny Wrestling. Triple H does the same for the NXT champion, Tommaso Ciampa. Triple H says the future is NXT and we'll see all this tonight. But now, all hell is about to break loose. He points to a group of tables set up near the stage and declares that a table match is about to begin with Baron Corbin against Braun Strowman. The fans boo the name of Corbin and pop for Strowman.

Table Matches: Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin

We go to the ring and Braun Strowman arrives. Cole had previously confirmed Ruby Riott against RAW champion Ronda Rousey for tonight's show in a previous USA Network commercial. Baron Corbin is next, while Mike Rome makes the presentations. Corbin is all smiles as Strowman looks at him. Corbin catches some of the steel steps and places them with them outside the ring. We go to the commercial.

Back from the break, fans chant "Get these hands!" While the bell rings. Corbin tries to take control to start with a low shot, but Strowman catches him and they go to the ground. Strowman works Corbin around and in the barrier. Corbin counters and sends Strowman into the barrier by the injured ribs first. Corbin fetches a table under the ring but Strowman fights him. Corbin countered and sent Strowman repeatedly into the fence, focusing on the injured ribs. Strowman returns immediately and sends Corbin into the barrier. Strowman beats Corbin while the fans sing again "get those hands!" Strowman slips a table into the ring, but he is slow to move, selling himself from the rib wound. Strowman enters the ring but Corbin meets him with a kick. Corbin lands and beats Strowman in the ring now. Corbin removes Strowman's shirt and exposes the kinesiology tape he wears. The fans are booing as Corbin continues to dominate Strowman, sending him out of the ring.

Corbin with more offensive on the outside, concentrating on the ribs while the fans are booing him. Corbin shoves Strowman back into the apron. Corbin takes Braun a little on the ramp and cradles him with a right hand against the barrier of the ramp in front of the fans. Corbin tries a suplex on the ramp but Strowman resists. Strowman against and hits his own suplex on the ramp. Strowman beats Corbin on the ramp until the scene where there are more standing tables.

Strowman brings Corbin back into the scene's LED cards. Strowman walks to the announcements table and clears the top. Strowman returns to Corbin and squeezes him on his shoulder. Corbin slips and sends Strowman to the side of the announcements table. They both go down on the stage as we go back to the commercial.

Back from the break, they start in the ring. Corbin sends Strowman to the corner, hitting the ring post. Corbin is almost sent on a table leaning in a corner but it slows down. Corbin turns around and Strowman drops him. Strowman almost goes by a table in a corner too. Corbin runs out and goes back inside. Corbin collects and drops Strowman with a clothesline. Corbin rides Strowman with strikes now. We see how Corbin dominated Strowman and used a steel chair when advertising. Corbin now grabs a kendo stick and nails the wounded ribs of Strowman at the edge of the ring. We see how the RAW ad table is still in pieces.

Corbin keeps control and jumps from Strowman's apron to the floor, but Strowman grabs some of the steel steps and pushes it back into the air. Strowman with another shot. Strowman charges with steel and repels Corbin. Strowman takes him back to the ring as the song begins "Go get those hands!" Strowman is hit by a shot from Corbin and another big right hand. Corbin replies and returns to the ring, but Strowman catches him immediately and recovers him for the race to power through a table in the corner for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

– After the bell, Strowman tightens his ribs and stands at the rhythm of the music. We are going to replay. We see Corbin on the ground recovering, while Braun gets out of the ring.

– Cole announces NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa and North American NXT champion Johnny Gargano against RAW team champions The Revival in a title match tonight. Ruby Riott vs. RAW Champion Ronda Rousey in a rematch of the Elimination Chamber. There will also be a special look at Seth Rollins against WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

– Braun Strowman is heading to the stage to get to the bottom but Paul Heyman is coming. Heyman says Strowman had a good game but he can go to the back now. Strowman catches Heyman. Heyman screams that Braun hurts him. Fans sing for Braun to make Heyman pass at one of the tables. Strowman finally lets go Heyman and he walks back. Heyman takes the microphone and starts to walk towards the ramp but he has trouble speaking. Heyman needs a minute. We go back to the commercial.

– Back from the break and Paul Heyman is in the ring with a microphone.

Heyman says he can not say he is surprised by the actions of Braun Strowman. He says everyone should be jealous of his client's actions because his client is the most dominant in WWE and MMA. Heyman explains that this is why he created something about his client, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Heyman is on the big screen and we get a video package with The Advocate talking to his client, mentioning the upcoming match of WrestleMania 35 with Seth Rollins. Heyman says that our hero, Rollins, has no hope this time. The video continues to watch the match with Heyman praising Lesnar. We go back to Heyman in the ring. He continues and a "burn it!" Try to start. Heyman says there is not enough fire to burn Suplex City. The new WWE Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor, has just ended. Balor makes his entry and we return to the commercial.

– Back from the break, we see how Finn Balor won the WWE Intercontinental title at Elimination Chamber by winning the 1-on-2 handicap match against Lio Rush and former champion Bobby Lashley, pinning Rush.

Balor says that it's been a while since he has not won one of these titles and that it feels good. He mentions that he grew up watching personalities like Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, members of the WWE Hall of Famers. He said it was a dream to hold this title and that he was proud to continue his legacy as an intercontinental champion. Balor says that he intends to defend this title to … the music interrupts and Rush comes. Rush says Balor does not deserve to be an Intercontinental Champion, unlike Lashley. Lashley suddenly attacks Balor from behind in the ring. Lashley lands on Balor and walks away while he is on the ground. Rush enters the ring and helps to defeat Balor again in the corner. They continue and Balor hits a big shot from the top. The music interrupts and Ricochet gives way to great pop.

Ricochet breaks down and Rush jumps but misses. Ricochet nails Lashley from the apron and hits the moon to rush to the floor. Ricochet returns to Lashley. The ring is cleaned and Ricochet stands proudly with Balor in the ring, watching Rush and Lashley on the floor. We go to the commercial.

Ricochet and Finn Balor against Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley

Back from the break, the match starts and the bell rings. Ricochet starts with Lio Rush and they exchange boots. Ricochet thwarts a move and founds Rush. More counters back and forth between the two. Ricochet shows Rush up for pop. They continue until Ricochet returns Rush in his corner while Bobby Lashley looks at him. Lashley marks and fixes Ricochet.

Ricochet seizes Lashley but Lashley wins and hits him violently. Ricochet is now trying to mount the offensive. Ricochet continues and hits a big dropkick. Lashley ends up taking a break. Ricochet goes out but he puts the brakes on. Rush re-gathers with Lashley at the edge of the ring, now that the referee counts. Lashley returns to the ring and Rush wants to enter, saying that he has that. Rush tags in like Finn Balor does. They carve one into the other and confuse briefly for a moment, but the Rush tags come out immediately. Lashley enters and works Balor, taking him around the corner and backing away. Lashley with a big suplex at Balor for a count of 2. Lashley keeps Balor on the ground in the middle of the ring.

Lashley keeps control and Balor tries to change it, but Lashley pushes him into the mat for another pushpin attempt. Rush arrives and smothers Balor on the second rope. Rush is arguing with the referee and the boo fans. Balor against a roll-up and nail a basement dropkick to rush. Ricochet is waiting for the label now but Balor is playing with Rush by the leg, preventing him from identifying. Balor takes Rush around the corner and hits him again. Balor keeps control of Rush, taking it from corner to corner with chops. Balor with a Slingblade to Rush now like pop fans. Dropkicks Balor Quickly return to the turnbuckles. Balor gets to the top for Coup de Grace, but he has to stop and put Lashley on the apron as he approaches. Rush takes advantage and leaves Balor on the apron, returning him to the ground. Ricochet looks worried.

Lashley in turn marks and sends Balor into the ring barrier. Lashley warns Ricochet at the ring. Lashley brings Balor back into the ring and holds him back for another keel attempt. Lashley keeps Balor in the center of the ring again, while Ricochet tries to rally the crowd to his partner. Lashley continues to dominate Balor but can not push him away. We go back to the commercial.

Back from the break, Lashley has Balor on the ground in the middle of the ring. Balor is looking for a label for Ricochet but Lashley and Rush are preventing it. Rush is legal now that he keeps Balor. Rush slaps Balor in the face a few times and speaks trashy. Balor just takes the slaps and looks at Rush. Balor grabs Rush and pushes him into the rug. Ricochet and Lashley are waiting for the hot tags. Balor gets closer and stays in Ricochet but Rush approaches and stops the tag. Rush brings Balor back to his corner with a roll of Gator. Lashley brand and mock Ricochet.

Lashley recovers Balor for a powerbomb but Balor slips. Balor drops Lashley and hits the double shot on his chest. The fans hear that Ricochet is waiting for the tag and gets it. Ricochet lands on Rush and between him too. Ricochet with a headband and a shoulder in the corner. Ricochet arrives with a big dropkick for Rush. Ricochet also takes Lashley. Ricochet runs the ropes and jumps over, knocking Rush down. Lashley supports Ricochet on the floor. Ricochet and Balor team up to bring Lashley to the outside. Ricochet makes his entrance and trains Rush in the ring. Ricochet ranks 630 in the lead for the pin to win.

Winners: Ricochet and Finn Balor

– After the match, Rush and Balor stand in the ring under the sound of Ricochet's music. We are going to replay. Ricochet and Balor continue their party together. Balor leaves the ring first while Ricochet looks around and takes seriously.

– Remains to come, Riott against Rousey in a rematch of Elimination Chamber.

– Natalya is behind the scenes and talking to Triple H when Drew McIntyre arrives and interrupts. Triple H asks him for a minute with Drew. Drew mentions that Triple H rolls out the red carpet of the WWE NXT Superstars. Drew says that he made it clear to Triple H on his return that he would do whatever it would take. Drew wants Seth Rollins or Brock Lesnar, WWE Universal champion. Drew tells Triple H to give him Rollins tonight so he can prove it. Dean Ambrose comes in and says he's not doing anything tonight. Ambrose knocks Drew hard, then goes away. Triple H asks Drew if he still wants Rollins or he wants to change that to Ambrose. Drew tells Triple H to change the damn game. Drew is on the way as we go to the commercial.

– Back from the break, the Lucha House Party reviews Vince McMahon's announcement last week on RAW, where he had "suspended" Becky Lynch for 60 days and removed her from the match between WrestleMania 35 and RAW Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey, replacing her with Charlotte Flair. Cole also shows footage of Saturday's live WWE matchup where Becky "wounded" her knee injury again after attacking Flair and SmackDown women's champion Asuka in their main match. The interference turned against Flair as he worked on Lynch with a steel chair. The video package also shows footage of what happened at the WWE Elimination Chamber last night with Lynch and Flair after the easy defense of the title by Rousey against Ruby Riott.

The Lucha House Party vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

We return to the ring and the Lucha House Party is closing its entrance. Kalisto looks from the ring that Gran Metalik starts with Curt Hawkins. Zack Ryder looks from the corner, as does Lince Dorado. Hawkins returns it and marks it in Ryder. Ryder fights Metalik but the numbers catch up with him. Dorado leaves Ryder on the outside and brings him back for a count of 2.

Lince and Metalik now double Ryder against the strings. Metalik with a number of 2. Dorado is back for another double team, but Ryder thwarts her, turning her into a double choker. Hawkins enters and drops Metalik off the apron. Hawkins then goes to work on Dorado. Dorado nails his right foot to both opponents. Hawkins screams for a little pop of the crowd. Hawkins reprimands Dorado for a score close to 2.

Hawkins with another close-up roll-up on Dorado. Hawkins plants Dorado in the middle of the ring for another tight count. Metalik arrives but is sent back to the ground. Dorado with a big dropkick at Hawkins. Hawkins returns and nails Dorado, then pushes Metalik off the apron. This leads Dorado to take advantage and pick up the pin on Hawkins.

Winners: The Lucha House Party

– After the match, the party of Lucha House is celebrated in the ring at the sound of music. Hawkins shows his frustration in the ring while Ryder tries to calm him down.

– Rest to come, The Revival vs. DIY.

– Charly Caruso presents Heavy Machinery, Tucker and Otis. Caruso says we've seen them compete on RAW and SmackDown, and they're awesome. She asks what can be expected from Heavy Machinery. Tucker says they are solid blue-collar workers, that they know how to do the job and that they are not afraid to mix them up. Caruso asks them about who they have views now. Tucker says they have their backs for each other and Otis agrees as he alone. They continue but the music interrupts and Lacey Evans arrives. Evans arrives down the ramp and then goes back up, as she did to Elimination Chamber. Evans stops behind Heavy Machinery and now she's watching the track. They walk up the ramp like The Bushwhackers, from the WWE Hall of Fame, and surround Evans. Graves is not sure what he just saw and most fans probably agree. We go to the mall with Evans, Tucker and Otis on the stage.

– Back from the break, we see Chad Gable and Bobby Roode approach Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano behind the scenes. Roode and Gable praise DIY for the start of their main training tonight. They also wonder why it's hard to try The Revival when it should be them. The sprocket mentions them beat in NXT. Gable says it's RAW, not NXT, and we start at the bottom here. Ciampa and Gargano do not seem too interested in what Gable has to say. Gargano mentions how they took over the main training after using NXT for two years. The alarm clock walks and interrupts, mentioning how they came from below. Ciampa interrupts them and says that they are here to make a good impression, at the expense of The Revival. Ciampa wish them good luck. The Revival minimizes the pressure and goes to the ring saying that they will see some DIY.

The revival against DIY

We're going into the ring and RAW Team Champions, The Revival, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, are coming to this off-title game. NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa is the first on his team. North American champion NXT, Johnny Gargano, is next. The DIYers together head for the ring.

Wilder starts with Gargano and negotiates catches in the middle of the ring. Gargano gets noticed and finds himself in Ciampa, who takes over and takes Dash on the carpet. Ciampa and a few strikes as Chad Gable and Bobby Roode watch the game behind the scenes. Ciampa is working on Dash and the tags in Gargano for the fast double team. Dash against Gargano and hit in his corner. Dawson marks and maintains the attack against Gargano in their corner. Dawson takes Gargano to the other corner and works it. Gargano returns to the corner but Dawson does the same, unloading with uppercuts in the corner. Gargano arrives at the top but puts the brakes. Dawson is hanging over him from one shoulder. Gargano sends Dawson then Dash out of the ring. Gargano runs the ropes and makes a suicide dive on Dawson. Dash follows him but Ciampa prepares him and Gargano the superkick. Ciampa sends Dash into the steel steps and then strokes his back. The Revival is on the floor as we move to the commercial with DIY in control.

Back from the break, Gargano goes with Dash. Dawson joins the double team but Gargano avoids it. Gargano is fighting against Dash with a big DDT, while Ciampa is preparing for the attack. Ciampa scores and runs several times on Dawson. Ciampa kicks Dawson and nails two big German suplexes. Dash tries to rescue but Ciampa gets him out of the ring and hits the third German suplex on Dawson. Ciampa with knee flying to Dawson for a close count 2.

The double hook of Ciampa is blocked. The Revival with a big double team in a corner but Ciampa starts just in time. No more back and forth between the two teams. Ciampa avoids The Shatter Machine. Gargano adds Dash with a big DDT and drops Dash. Dawson sends Ciampa into the barrier on the outside. Gargano kicks Dawson. Dash comes from behind but Gargano cons for an account of 2. Dash with another close-up roll-up on Gargano. Dash blocks a spear through the ropes and balances the Gargano. The Revival hits the big two-team bulldog from the top rope. Dawson covers the Gargano for the pin but Ciampa arrives and breaks it just in time.

Dawson is trying to tidy up Gargano now, trying to distil it from the ring where the others are. Gargano catches him with a kick. Gargano ends up leveling Dawson again. Ciampa marks the pace and they barely reach the Dawson Superkick – Flying Kite combo. Ciampa covers Dawson for the great untitled victory.

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

– After the match, the NXT Superstars are standing in the ring under the blows of Ciampa's music. We are going to replay.

– Charly Caruso is behind the scenes with Ricochet and WWE Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor. Balor said that he had had his big night last night at Elimination Chamber, but tonight it's about this man – Ricochet. Balor moves away and Ricochet talks to Charly about realizing his dreams and achieving his goals. He feels better than anything he can imagine. Ricochet says that it could continue for days, but if we think we saw the last of his eyes, we only see the beginning. Ricochet says he will prove to the world that there is only one. He's going away.

– We see Ronda Rousey backstage warming up. We also see the Riott Brigade. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break, we have a pre-recorded video of Kevin Owens at the cinema with his son. Owens talks about training for his return, spending time with his family and watching WWE TV. He says he has never been so focused or hungry. His son brings him popcorn and a soda, and Owens asks for the change, but there is none. Owens says that during his free time, he was reminded of why he was fighting and he should be trusted when he says he is ready to fight again. Owens jokes again with his son about the fact that there is no change.

– We're going into the ring and the first women's champions from WWE, Sasha Banks and Bayley. They make themselves heard and head to the ring as advertisers talk about their big win at the elimination chamber last night.

The fans sing "you deserve it!" By taking the microphone. Bayley says she feels it tonight, but last night was touching for both of them. Bayley can not believe they are here with the titles. Banks says it sounds like a dream, but it's really real, they really did it. Banks explains how crazy it is to see how much they have gone from NXT to history together. They continue not to be afraid, to have the same dreams, the same visions and the same goals. Banks says they put their hearts and souls in the women's division and will face anyone, anywhere, whether it's RAW, SmackDown or NXT. They say there is no stronger link than the Boss 'n' Hug Connection.

The music interrupts and Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka arrive on the stage. Jax makes fun of the champions and tells them to stop with the tears. Jax congratulates them and says that they are cute in their matching outfits but they do not understand. They continue to talk about garbage as they head for the ring. Jax points out how Banks always loses his titles in his first defense. Snuka sends a warning saying that they were lucky last night but that their luck is about to run out now. Snuka and Jax rush into the ring but Banks and Bayley fight them without letting them in. Banks grabs Jax and applies a Banks statement under the bottom rope but Snuka puts her safe. Jax and Snuka retreat on the ramp to the beat of Bayley's music. Banks and Bayley are standing with their titles in the ring.

– Cole takes us to a video package for the induction of the DX 2019 WWE Hall of Fame. We go back to the commercial.

Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre

Dean Ambrose is the first to come back from the break. Renee says that she recognizes the look on Dean's face and that he feels good tonight. Drew McIntyre is next.

The bell rings and Drew lets Dean start with a nod at Glasgow Kiss. Drew climbs Ambrose and keeps him on the ground with his right hand. Drawn with a big chop now. Drew is working with Dean and talking about garbage. Ambroise retaliates and gets up. Drew grabs Dean in full motion but Ambrose slips. Drew bumps into an elbow in the corner. The Ambrose dumps attracted the rope to the ground. Ambrose remains on Drew and prevents him from returning to the ring. Ambrose runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive, sending Drew into the barrier.

Ambroise brings him back into the ring and nails an inverted choker. Ambroise goes to the top but has to roll as Drew moves. Drew comes back and places Dean with a Claymore Kick. Drew is waiting in the corner while Dean gets up slowly. Drew nailed another Claymore for easy victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew stands proudly at the sound of his music. We are going to replay. Drew stands over Ambrose and looks up at the sign WrestleMania 35.

– The advertisers led us to another video package with Paul Heyman telling how WWE's dominant champion Universal Brock Lesnar will compete in the WrestleMania 35 match with Seth Rollins. Heyman says Rollins is Lesnar's most dangerous opponent, but Lesnar will have to belittle her. This is not a prediction or a spoiler, it is the end of the story of a man named Seth Rollins.

– Charly Caruso is behind the scenes with Seth Rollins to ask questions about the video we just saw. Rollins says you can call Paul Heyman in many ways, but he's not a liar, all he's said about Brock Lesnar is the truth. Rollins says, but he does not enter WrestleMania 35 with a death wish, he accepts his fate. Rollins goes on to say that Lesnar's reign of terror is over. About his own destiny, Rollins said that if he left alone or on a stretcher, he promised to leave WrestleMania with the WWE's universal title. Dean Ambrose appears. Rollins asks if he can help with something. Ambrose asks Rollins where he was just now. Rollins asks if Ambrose has completely lost his mind. Ambrose looks a bit confused, shrugs and goes away.

– Elias is in the ring with his guitar. We go back to the commercial.

– Back from play, Elias starts to play in the ring but he is fed up with the way he was treated. He says he is the best Superstar to have gone through a long time and certainly the most hygienic to cross this dirty Lafayette swamp. The locals boo Elias now. Elias says he is constantly being disrespected and constantly interrupted. He says he is a genius of music and that everyone is lucky to be in his presence. Elias says he's sure we're all excited about the new Superstars – Ricochet, Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, but that will not stop the truth – he's doing magic with his fingers every night .

Elias says he'll do a song tonight, but that's not for any fans, it's for himself, hoping to slip into a deep, deep consciousness that he forgets that there are fans. More boos from the crowd. To do this, Elias needs his fans to silence their phones, hold their applause and, most importantly, keep quiet. Elias starts playing, but the music stops and Aleister Black turns into pop. Black enters the ring and says that if Elias wants a deep sleep and a deep conscience, he will get it because Black will make him go black tonight.

Aleister Black against Elias

The bell rings and Elias goes to work with Aleister Black with chops. Black counteracts a move and sends Elias out. Black runs the ropes but brakes and takes place in the middle of the ring for a pop. Elias looks from the outside. We go to the commercial.

Back from the break and Elias is in control. Elias works Black in a corner while the referee pulls him back. Elias shoots Black from the corner and keeps control. Black cherche à se défendre mais Elias le laisse tomber des cordes. Elias avec un 2 compte maintenant. Elias garde Black au sol à présent au milieu du ring. Black résiste et tente de se libérer mais Elias se resserre.

Les Noirs combattent gratuitement et font des frappes pendant qu'ils sont debout maintenant. Gouttes noires Elias. Elias revient tout de suite mais Black ramène Elias à coups de pied. Noir avec un genou glissant et une lune de lune de la deuxième corde. Elias est parti à 2 heures. Elias parle des ordures dans le coin, mais Black se coupe le coude. Plus en arrière maintenant. Black sort du coin mais Elias le laisse tomber avec un genou sautant. Elias avec 2 autres chefs d'accusation. Elias se dispute à nouveau avec l'arbitre à propos du décompte.

Black sort de nulle part et envoie un gros coup de pied Black Mass à la mâchoire pour faire tomber Elias. Couvertures noires pour la broche à gagner.

Gagnant: Aleister Black

– Après le match, Black se dresse fièrement et son bras est levé au rythme de la musique. Nous allons à rejouer. Nous revenons à Black prenant place au milieu du ring, regardant autour de la foule.

– Reste à venir, Riott vs Rousey. Retour à commercial.

Match pour le titre féminin RAW: Ruby Riott contre Ronda Rousey

De retour de la pause, l’équipe Riott attend sur le ring – Ruby Riott avec Liv Morgan et Sarah Logan. La championne de la RAW, Ronda Rousey, remporte ce match retour à la carte payée à la séance par la WWE Elimination Chamber. Le titre sera sur la ligne.

La cloche sonne et Riott charge mais Rousey la frappe immédiatement. Rousey tire le corner pour faire des grèves. Riott est largué puis se rend à l'étage pour se regrouper avec Liv et Logan. Riott revient et attrape Rousey mais Rousey déclenche une frappe du genou. Riott dépose Rousey sur la nuque avec une STO modifiée pour un décompte rapproché. Riott maintient Rousey au sol maintenant.

Ils se relèvent et tentent de se maîtriser. Riott jette Rousey mais Rousey s'engage dans une tentative de triangle. Riott évite le brassard et repart pour une autre pause alors que Rousey la regarde. Nous allons au commercial.

De retour de la pause, Rousey fait travailler Riott et le renvoie pour qu'il respire un peu. Ils rentrent et Riott attrape Rousey avec une grosse lance de distraction. Riott avec 2 chefs d'accusation. Rousey contrecarre un mouvement et claque Riott. Riott revient tout de suite avec une grosse côtelette. Rousey reprend le dessus et devient excité. Rousey avec trois takedowns. Rousey se concentre maintenant sur le bras, ramollissant Riott pour le brassard. Rousey avec un coude sautant à la mâchoire.

Rousey garde le contrôle jusqu'à ce que Riott la laisse tomber dans la corde du haut dans le coin. Riott se dirige vers la deuxième corde et redescend sur Rousey pour un autre décompte rapproché. Rousey évite un coup de pied de Riott. Ils s'emmêlent et Riott revient immédiatement avec un Kick de Riott, se connectant cette fois-ci pour un doublé compte que Liv et Logan apparaissent au bord du ring. Riott cherche à mettre Rousey à l'écart, mais Rousey contre-attaque et cloue d'un coup sec au bâton. Rousey traîne Riott dans le coin et monte au sommet. Elle secoue Logan alors qu'elle saute sur le tablier. La même chose avec Liv. Riott profite des distractions et tire Rousey du haut vers le tapis, la rattrapant en descendant avec un coup de pied de Riott. Rousey commence juste avant le décompte des 3.

Riott goes back to the top while Rousey is laid out near the corner. Riott leaps out for another senton but Rousey moves out of the way. Rousey pulls Riott over for the armbar but Riott escapes. Rousey goes to the top and leaps out to the floor, taking Liv and Logan down on the outside. Riott is on her feet in the corner now. Riott grabs Rousey but Rousey counters, launching Riott face-first into the turnbuckles to daze her. Rousey takes advantage and drops Riott into the armbar for the submission win.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

– After the match, Rousey stands tall with the title as her music hits. Liv hits the ring but Rousey grabs her and drops her with Piper’s Pit. Logan also gets dropped. The Riott Squad regroups at ringside while Rousey looks on. RAW goes off the air with Rousey standing tall while her music plays.

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