WWE Raw ratings up for Royal Rumble spinoff


Image: WWE

Last night’s Raw after the Royal Rumble averaged 1.89 million total viewers and a score of 0.58 in 18-49, numbers that should be disappointing based on the second-biggest show on the show. ‘year.

The only bright spot is that the third hour, built around Edge versus Randy Orton, even though it didn’t even get promoted until the middle of the show, held up better than usual and it was the first. times for a long time this three hour. beat the second hour (0.57 to 0.55), based almost entirely on a 13% increase in hour two to hour three for men aged 18 to 49. Women between 18 and 49 fell 12% from the second to the third hour.

The show was up from last week, but that was to be expected. Compared to the night after the Royal Rumble 2020, Raw has fallen by 21% in viewers, 24% in 18-49 years and 39% in 18-34.

Compared to last week, the show grew by 4% viewers, 12% from 18 to 49 and 6% from 18 to 34, meaning it was also younger than last week. but older than last year.

Raw placed first for the night in 18-49 on cable and beat CBS (all in reruns) and NBC (not in reruns) among the networks, meaning he was third behind ABC and Fox in the key demo for the whole television. It was 18th in the total number of viewers, behind only the news channels.

When it comes to the first to third hour drops, women aged 18-49 fell 22%, which is high, but men aged 18-49 increased 3%, likely due to the made Edge vs Orton more attractive to this group. Teenage girls were up 22% and teenage boys 10% while over 50s were down 10%.

The three hours were:

  • 8 p.m. 1.98 million viewers
  • 9 p.m. 1.90 million viewers
  • 10 p.m. 1.81 million viewers
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