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    There are only three weeks left before WrestleMania 35, and WWE still has the impression of fighting to put everything in place for the big show. Although some correspondences are clear, others have not yet begun to develop.

    Raw had two clear contests for the main event this week.

    Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins is expected to take center stage after The Beast Incarnate, and The Architect promised to start the fight earlier, although his attention was divided by an expected match against Drew McIntyre.

    Ronda Rousey also had to defend her title of female champion against Dana Brooke. Although no one left a chance for his opponent, it was not inconceivable that the worst woman on the planet could focus on Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and fail.

    Kurt Angle would also announce with whom he would fight at the Showcase of the Immortals in his last game.

    Many other WWE stars were about to appear, hoping to develop key matches that will help WrestleMania this year to live up to the nickname of The Grandest Stage of Them All. The red mark had work to do.

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    Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar opened the show to taunt the crowd and Seth Rollins, pointing out that it was silly that The Architect risked his career in a match with the dangerous Drew McIntyre.

    The Scottish psychopath came to thank the lawyer for the compliment.

    However, Rollins did not let McIntyre admire the attention and placed him with a steel chair. He then turned to Lesnar, winning the ring as the WWE World Champion retired.


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    Although the segment was short, it worked well to establish this dynamic. The Incarnate Beast arrives and makes fun of the crowd, while The Kingslayer must share his attention as he wanders every week and fights for his friends.

    It also allowed the last game between Rollins and McIntyre to feel much more important than their past clashes. There is an issue here because both men are trying to hurt each other.

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    Finn Balor said he would soon regain the Intercontinental Championship, but that promise seemed to have little effect on Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush.

    However, the sly smile of the hour man disappears when Braun Strowman turns out to be the partner of The Extraordinary Man.

    While the heels were trying to isolate the Irishman, The Monster Among Men was getting the medal and was proving unstoppable. Lashley decided to go away as his hype took a line of clothes and a powerslam on the move, giving the faces victory.


    Balor and Strowman def. Lashley and Rush by pinfall




    The work of the talent involved has raised a fairly flat segment, especially Rush, who has done a great job and makes Strowman always look like a complete monster. The match could have been just both and had the same effect.

    Balor not having much impact here was disappointing. Time is running out for "Mania," and it seems that The Extraordinary Man will have a pretty bland role on April 7, likely in a multi-party matchup between the Intercontinental Championship.

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    Alexa Bliss extolled the WrestleMania card before introducing Elias, who wanted to announce that he would be the star musical guest of the big show.

    Jose's conga line, led by Heavy Machinery, is interrupted before Jose attacks the musician from behind.

    This led to a match in which Jose looked decent before the most accomplished artist overwhelmed him. Elias ended up tidying up his opponent with Drift Away.


    Elias def. Jose by tomb




    "A moment of happiness" seems to be fully constructed as a three-minute talk show segment that ends with an interruption. You would think that the Goddess would have the right to speak a little more if she does not fight.

    It was strange to see the WWE invest so much in No Way Jose after months, but it probably ends here because it was supposed to be a new face to dominate for Elias.

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    Kurt Angle said the McMahon family had allowed him to pick any one for his last match at WrestleMania and that he wanted to fight the man who had ruined his life for a year: Baron Corbin .

    The farewell tour of the Olympic gold medalist then continued with another match against a young athlete, while he was fighting with Chad Gable.

    The former Raw team champion looked good against the veteran and seemed close to victory, but he found himself trapped in the ankle and escaped.

    Corbin came out afterwards and provoked Angle with a smile on his face.


    Angle def. Gable by submission




    Although the story of Angle against Corbin is well established and meaningful, it must be one of the worst ways WWE could have played in its last game. The possibilities were endless, and yet, The Lone Wolf is in the spotlight in a desperately bland contest.

    This did not help that what followed was a demonstration of how much Angle has lost in recent years. It would have been a dream match once, but Gable had to work overtime to make it a decent one.

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    Bayly and Sasha Banks were interviewed by Charly Caruso, who asked them why they avoided SmackDown Live. They said they were not hiding The IIconics and planned to appear Tuesday night on the blue mark.

    Natalya and Beth Phoenix broke off, looking for their chance to win the WWE Team Champion title. Glamazon challenged the champions for a match at WrestleMania. Insults were launched, leading to a fight between the four.

    Natalya versus Banks was booked before Nia Jax interrupted the game, distracting everyone's pleasure for Tamina to expose Phoenix, forcing the referee to cancel the match.


    Banks vs Natalya goes to a no-contest


    C +


    Although it was cool to have officially announced to Glamazon that she was coming out of retirement, this segment did not work as well as it should have.

    Natalya and Phoenix do not feel as threatening as they should, apparently replacing the return of Trish Stratus and Lita, which never happened.

    WWE could have the same feeling, Jax and Tamina still being in this quarrel. If Phoenix is ​​prepared for a final big game, it would be a waste of time to launch it into a multi-team title fight with the option of adding The IIconics or another team to SmackDown.

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    Jinder Mahal dominated Ricochet with his strength at the start of this fight, but once The One and Only was separated, this match was all his own.

    The NXT star pulled everyone out before planting The Modern Maharaja with the 630 splash.


    Ricochet def. Mahal by brooch


    D +


    It was a boring squash that spent too much time promoting Mahal. It should have been a chance for Ricochet to stand out, but he had only the last minute to shine in an otherwise useless segment.

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    Officials told Ronda Rousey in the ring that additional security measures would be put in place to ensure that the champion will never cause chaos again. Meanwhile, Dana Brooke promised to make her dreams come true before heading to the ring.

    However, this match for the title is over in a few seconds, while The Worst Woman on the planet has trapped her opponent in an armband for a tapout. Rousey kept the submission for almost a minute after the bell, until the officials forcibly chased her away.

    Rousey's husband, Travis Browne, had to restrain himself from destroying WWE's safety after knocking out one of the guards with a punch while Brooke writhed in pain in the ring.


    Rousey def. Brooke by submission to retain the women's gross championship




    Fantastic and simple, this segment was exactly what was needed to establish Rousey as a stub. She looked unstoppable in this "match" and gave the armbar an air as deadly as ever to the WWE.

    It's a brutal and effective segment that has established it as the worst woman on the planet.

    What role will Browne have in the coming weeks with Rousey is harder to say. He is still a UFC artist who will not be able to physically involve him.

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    Apollo Crews pushed Baron Corbin in a backstage match.

    While Lone Wolf dominated and almost took the win after connecting to the Deep Six, he was not able to hold back the young athlete and rolled himself for three.

    Angle was standing with Crews on the ramp while the two were making fun of Corbin.


    The crews def. Corbin by pinfall




    If this match was supposed to help establish why Corbin should get a singles match at WrestleMania, it will not work. The Lone Wolf and the crews have barely begun as the last opponent of Angle has sided with a cumulative.

    While WWE will stand up to fans' indignation at the decision to face Angle in Corbin's last game, nothing will change the fact that this is a lost spot on The Grandest Stage of Them All. At best, it can be a three-minute squash that allows fans to blow a little longer.

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    Michael Cole interviewed Batista at home.

    The animal was open with his words, explaining that Triple H had been holding him back for years.

    He wanted to clarify that it was to his taste now, breaking the game for good.




    Batista achieves a strong promo through his acting career, although he can not add much to the rivalry with Triple H at the moment. It is clear that this match is just a gift for a man who has made his own career outside the WWE on his own terms.

    The real story does not mean much, so both men should be totally motivated to count when it counts for WrestleMania.

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    Drew McIntyre laughed after recounting his attack on Roman Reigns last week before challenging The Big Dog in a fight at WrestleMania.

    However, the Scottish psychopath warned Reigns to accept him, promising him to hurt him more seriously than before.

    It's Seth Rollins who unleashed the fight and started the fight. McIntyre however managed to slow down the action with a brutal pace. The architect finally recovered with a superkick, a pair of suicide dives, Slingblade and a low superkick.

    While Rollins was preparing for the Stomp, Brock Lesnar seemed to distract his opponent from WrestleMania, leaving McIntyre just enough time to recover and connect with a Claymore for the win.


    McIntyre def. Rollins by spindle




    McIntyre has gone from the best to the biggest in recent weeks, making the most of the spotlight. His promo on Reigns immediately sold their rivalry without the heel having to do too much to heat up.

    This match was the best that the Scots and Rollins had, because the heat was at the rendezvous. McIntyre looked vicious and ruthless, the Kingslayer often unable to line up but refusing to yield.

    Even though the distraction was predictable enough, it still gives McIntyre a boost without hurting Rollins. In addition, the field is ready for this quarrel to continue after WrestleMania.

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